Saturday, February 15, 2014

What kids will do for ice-cream Confessions of a Homeschool Mom

Little J was struggling last summer to learn to count to twenty. He could do really well up to 13 and then he got muddled. If I helped him past 13 he did great and was able to finish. It really was a case of unlucky 13.

So I tried to think of a little incentive to help him want to practice...It was hot, we had just moved to a town that has a Baskin-Robbins and what 4 year old doesn't like ice-cream. So I told him if he could count to 20 with no mistakes I would take him for ice-cream. Sure enough less than a week later I was buying him a vanilla one scoop. While in the store he looked at me and asked...If I count to 30 can I have another. I smiled and said "Why don't we make it 50".

Well last week Little J came up to me one morning and said "I've done it! I can count to 50, when can we go for my ice-cream". Since we had a ton outside I said "Couldn't we wait till it's not freezing outside?" We agreed and then he smiled again and I knew something else was coming. "Can I get one more ice-cream if I count to 100!"

Man this kid is good! What's a Mom going to say to that. Plus since it took him six months to go from 20 to 50 so I figured I was safe. So I agreed.

Well the next morning I came out of my bedroom to find a grinning five year old sat at the breakfast table.

"I did it!" he said

"Did what?" I asked

"Counted to 100 for Dad!"

"Wow that didn't take you long!"

"I know, I was practicing all night, There is a pattern to it Mom! Did you know? Does that mean I get too ice-creams!"

"Yes, it sure does!"

So I know bribery doesn't work for everything and I have told him, no more ice-creams (well at least for counting).

He LOVES his ice-cream... but he will have to wait till it get's warmer.

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