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I was given the opportunity to review a planner type e-book from Motivated Moms.

Motivated Moms Review

Motivated Moms is a chore planning system designed to help 'Moms' to have a clean, organized home and fit in all the fun things that you want to do. The planning system is available as a downloadable e-book, and an app for iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android. I reviewed the Motivated Moms printable e-book system.

Motivated Moms Review

The program is designed as a simple checklist. The idea is to refer to the list daily, check of each item as you complete it, BOOM instant organization. Motivated Moms have a motto: Make Every Day Count! Hopefully with the help of this e-book I will be able to do that this year!

Motivated Moms Review

OK so that's the theory, what is the reality- well at least in my home.

I found this program a little overwhelming at first, seriously. The list seemed longer than I could ever fit in my schedule. I work from home (15-20 hours a week), home-school my kids, run the organization for 12-18 Young Women in my Church, and try to be a good wife and mother.
Phew that makes me feel tired just thinking about it. I knew that if I tried to do this by myself I would fail. However my oldest two kids and myself are a pretty good team, and keep our house running smooth on the surface. I wanted to try and follow this program to dig a little deeper and organize it deep down to the bones.

OK so this is how I made this work (albeit not perfectly everyday).

COLOR CODING, yes that was my answer. I used simple highlighters to assign each item on the list to either myself, Jam or Boo.

Yellow for Mom, Orange for Jam and Pink for Boo!

I added schoolwork and swim practice just to keep things all in one place. (However we do use an online planning system for our home-school tracking) It was a good way to keep things visually together.

My house on the surface looks great. We clean our bathrooms thoroughly once a week, and wipe it over whenever it is needed. We dust weekly, and vacuum when it looks like it needs it. I bug the kids to keep their rooms tidy (they do a pretty good job now they each have their own room) and the clean laundry doesn't stay folded in the basket too long. However I truly believe that there is always room for improvement. I noticed that the schedule covers things that I put off or forget completely until they are bad enough to scream 'CLEAN ME' because they have gotten too bad (like the refrigerator!) Following this check list I have even managed to remember to cut Little J's nails before he scratches someone and I have to do it out of necessity. 

The printable e-book is available in different formats. Black and white, color, planner, chore organizer, half size or full page, and even one that includes a daily scripture reading chart. You can see all of the choices here

I chose the simplest planner - half page, week to a page, chore chart. I printed it off, laminated the front and back covers, and then bound it myself with my plastic spirals. It prints on 29 pages when cut in half it makes  53 weekly planning pages and a two week meal planner.

We keep this in the kitchen, and refer to it 'most' days. I have to say 'most' because we are definitely not perfect. However I have realized that the chores will come back around, so I try not to beat myself up if we have 'one of those days' and just start fresh the next day.

I don't have an iPhone or iPad but I think I would really like to try this in app form. I may consider the android app for next year (when I have finished my printed version). However it would be hard to divide the chores up between the kids and this would probably see me fail, so maybe the printed version would still be better for us!

The Half size chore planner black and white costs $8.00 and is designed for Mom's to use (but of course anyone who wants to be more organized can use it).

If you want to learn more about the app or how others used the planner click on this link below.

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