Friday, March 21, 2014

Random 5 Friday March 21

1. I feel like the only home school Mom who doesn't give their kids spring break? Well we did go to the zoo today for a field trip...that counts as spring break right?

2. We have been working on a selection of reviews this week, Little J has been hitting the jackpot so far this year. It's great to be working on school work when a five year old asks to do it and reminds you everyday.

3. Little J wants a bow tie...

4. Jam and Boo are just about to the end of their winter swim season. It is amazing to see the improvement. I can remember the first time Jam was a long time ago. This was one of his first lessons. He loved that they let him go off the diving board.

Then we did swim team for a year but the 30 minute drive to practice drove me crazy. He was SO cute in those jammers. It's great we only have to drive 5 minutes to practice now, especially since we now swim four times and week.

5. We seem to have a cold/flu going around our house. Jam and I thought we had skipped it...but guess what today, as the others are feeling better we have started feeling icky. Just in time for the weekend. Typical.

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