Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A is for America - Blogging Through the Alphabet

We have lived in the United States for a long time. However hopefully soon we will make it official and become Citizens . In May we will be having our Citizenship interviews and we are very excited.

Did you know that you have to take a test to become a Citizen? We have been studying for the last few weeks along with the kids. Although they are Citizens (they were born here) and don't have to take the test. My husband and I thought it would be a great idea to have them learn the 100 questions right alongside us.

Have you ever read the questions. I would be interested to know how many you know (without studying) I knew a lot of them - I know I surprised myself but there were still some I had to work on.

I am linking up with Ben and Me for her new round of ABC Blogging.

Ben and Me

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Alone Yet Not Alone - Review and Giveaway

We have all had times when we feel alone whether it's physically or spiritually. We recently had the chance to review a book Alone Yet Not Alone that goes along with the new movie being released on June 13th.

We love historical fiction and had heard about this story before so everyone was really excited to check it out.

 The book is about the Leininger Family who settle in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania. They are very happy with the blessing of a beautiful homestead. Then at the beginning of the French and Indian War tragedy strikes. Their lives are altered forever when the sisters Barbara and Regina are kidnapped by the Delaware Indians. They put their faith and trust in God by following the teachings of their father to the test and relies on it to carry them through their trial.

A lot of their strength came through singing. I know when mt oldest daughter had her accident and was life flighted to the Children's Hospital I kept singing a song of strength in my mind over and over to help me focus as we drove their.

The book is full of historical details perfect for those who like to read living historical books. It is an inspirational true story of  a family caught in the middle of a war not of their making. If you want to know what happened enter the giveaway below to win a copy.

The book is written by Tracy Leininger Craven

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Can You Dance to the Boogaloo? Book Review

Litte J and I were recently sent a really fun cute book called Can You Dance to the Boogaloo?  by Alice V Lickens.

Little J is right at the top of the recommended age range for this book. However, it didn't matter as he loved it. I think we read it 10 times the day it arrived in the mail.

It's fun 'let's get up and dance' type of book. Which not only makes it fun to listen too but also to read. Which is a huge plus on the 10th time through! (believe me I know).

Not only was this book bright and fun it's also educational. Little J knows the names of a lot of the instruments found in this book but remember he is at the older end of the age range.

Reading this to a three year old would be a fun way to introduce them to the names and sounds of all the instruments in the book.

This is definitely a fun book.

Can YOU resist the Boogaloo?

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Random Five Friday April 25th 2014

The Pebble Pond

1. Today at 8:30 AM I decided to go to the Zoo. It's how we roll here, spur of the moment decisions. It was awesome, 75 degrees and sunny. I called a friend who came along with her son. It was a good day.

 2. We are adding the sand to the bottom of the pool tomorrow. Then the only thing to do I think will be to add the liner and fill it up...Are you excited, I am! Then we just need the summer to come!

3. If you are looking for a math program you should check out my CTC Math Review. We all love this program.

4. Boo is doing great on the piano have you checked out her latest accomplishment Pachelbel Canon.

5. My brother and his family are moving this weekend to another State. I am really sad but glad for them and hope all the best for them. I am just sad they will be 5 hours away.

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The Pebble Pond

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pachelbel Canon - My Wedding March

Although I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and we get married in the Temple. In England where my husband and I were married you have to be married civilly first in one of our chapels. So I walked down the aisle on a chilly Saturday in December. I never liked the traditional wedding march very much and so I copied my sister and used Pachelbel Canon as my wedding march.

Recently my daughter learned to play it and I love it. It brings back wonderful memories.

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CTCMath Online Math Tutor Review {SchoolHouse Review Crew}

CTC Math Review

I don't know about you but I am not a math person. I would love to be but I'm not. So I did the next best thing and married one. So anything that offers me the chance to make math easier to understand for my kids is manna from heaven to me. We were offered the chance to review CTC Math and I couldn't have been more excited, My children however not so much. We were given a 12 Month Family Plan and so everyone was covered from Kindergarten up. The program itself covers Kindergarten all the way to Calculus.

CTC Math Review

Since my math husband has to go to work he can't always be there to answer the kids questions (OK I can normally handle it but maybe not for long). My plan was to try this program out with Jam and Little J (7th grade and Kindergarten) because Boo has another online Math program she uses. However withing a week or so of the others using it Boo was hooked and started using this program a long side her other math programs (yes that is meant to be plural) in fact she is using 3 different ones now.

Jam works through the program by himself. He is working on the Basic Math and Pre-Algebra course which the website considers the place to start for 7th grade. He is already half way through the course, which I am glad about as we are coming to the end of 7th grade. I am sure he will be done with it before the end of the summer. He is really liking this program and is currently working at a Platinum level. Just to explain this a little bit - When you finish each section you are given a certificate of completion. The levels are Platinum, Gold, and Silver and are awarded depending on accuracy. My kids are majorly competitive with themselves and each other so they love this.

How does it work:

JAM - Basic Math and Pre-Algebra

Every day Jam signs into the website with his own username and password. The program remembers where he was last working and it automatically goes to that screen. Below is a screen shot of Jam's current section. So he will click on #9 Addition with Mixed Numerals to start his next lesson.

When he does this it will take him straight to a video lesson, after watching that he clicks on 'get worksheet'. This process is slightly different than the younger grades as they have an online quiz where they type the answers directly onto the screen. In the older graders (this one being the first) you have a worksheet that you can print off or you can use a notebook. Then you complete the questions and enter your answers using the answer page. You have to find your answers on the screen. My son tells me that if you can't find the answer you worked out as a choice then you've done something wrong. This helps him know to rework the question and helps keep his score up. I like it because it has made him check his work more thoroughly (something he never did before). According to Jam it's the first Math program he has enjoyed - and that's saying something.

Little J - Kindergarten and First Grade

I have been working with Little J everyday. Although he is getting to the point he could do this 'almost' by himself. I have only found 2 problems with the program so far and they are both relevant to this younger age group. The first is appropriate to mention now and I will get to the other in a minute. The reason I can't just be in the same room as Little J and have to actually sit next to him the whole time is that the program doesn't read the questions aloud. Since Little J is very advanced in math this is a little bit of a problem for us. His reading level is just not quite good enough to do this without assistance. Although it is really helping him pick up some regularly used math vocabulary.  We have completed all of the Kindergarten level and are busy working through First grade and we are nearly half way through that! Although I will make him go back through the first grade section again to really cement what we have been doing before I let him move on to the second grade program. Now to my 2nd problem, when we were working through the money section of the material in Kindergarten the pictures of money were really small and a little blurred. I called the company and they thanked me for letting them know. They said they will update them with larger images, so hopefully that won't be a problem for long.
OK so after watching the video lesson Little J completes an online quiz and his score is recorded. Whenever any of the kids receive a certificate I am emailed immediately. (I just need to mention here that the younger grades earn certificates a lot more often than the older grades). He completes several sections a day and would probably do more if I let him.
Little J loves this program and reminds me everyday to do it with him.

Boo- Fifth Grade

I made Boo start at fifth grade too even though we will be finishing 5th grade soon. We school all year round and so there is not big cut off date we just move from one level to another. However I wanted her to take the opportunity to review the subjects covered. This makes 3 math programs but what Mom would say no to more math right! So when she asked I said sure let's sign you up.
She has loved it and spends about 20 minutes a day working on the program. She is about a quarter of the way through and has said that it has really helped her review her multiplication facts etc. She likes that she can enter all her questions straight onto the computer. I love that the work is instantly graded.

Parent's Area

I can log directly into the parent's area of the website. This is in addition to my weekly email update and the emails I get when the kids get an award certificate. It shows me the date each child last logged in, how many lessons they have completed, their overall efficiency rating, and allows me to view all their certificates earned so far. There is also the option to set a pass grade (mine is set at 90%) and the program won't let the child move on until they reach that percent.


I asked all three of my kids what they thought of this program and they all love it. In fact they have not said one negative thing about this program since we started it. It has been a huge hit. We don't use it as a stand alone Home-school math curriculum. Although I heard that they may be adding some more stuff to the older grades so that it could be used that way in the future. However as a revision or help to someone who is struggling or just an 'extra' (like Boo) it is more than adequate. We think it's cute that the person talking is Australian and it reminds me a little of my native England when they spell color 'colour'. A lot of the math uses metric measurements, but again I don't see that as a negative either since our science program uses metric too.


Right now CTC Math is having sale (These are the Home-school prices)!

Monthly - Regular $29.97 SALE PRICE $11.97
6 Months - Regular $127 SALE PRICE $50.80
12 Months - Regular $197 SALE PRICE $78.80

FAMILY PLANS (2 or more students)
Monthly - Regular $39.97 SALE PRICE $15.97
6 Months - Regular $197 SALE PRICE $78.80
12 Months - Regular $297 SALE PRICE $118.80

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Random Friday - April 18 2014

Today has been a little weird. Do you find that when you have a Friday off you keep thinking its Saturday.

So here's my Random Five for the day.

The Pebble Pond
1. I have a five year old completely crazy about Captain America.

 2. Today we finished putting the frame up for our pool. We keep thinking about how nice it will be in the summer when it's stinking hot!

3. My husband told me today the jobs he wants to get done in the next two months...then he intends to go to work and come home and play all summer. Sounds like a plan to me. So today we made our flower beds weed free why he worked on the pool. A couple more things on the pool and then he's going to start on my new office. I am SO excited.

4. My five year old just shouted "Oh no I have messed up my hair!"

5. We have the dates for our Naturalization interviews. We are SO excited. My husband said he wouldn't wear red, white, and blue on July 4th until we were citizens. So maybe this will be the year to buy him a new T.Shirt!

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The Pebble Pond

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Curiosity Quest DVD Review (Schoolhouse Review Crew)

Curiosity Quest Review

I am sure your kids are no different than mine, and the word "Why" is one of the most used words in your house. Well how about letting someone else answer that question. Which is what happened in my house the minute we opened these amazing DVDs from Curiosity Quest. We were sent two DVDs to watch and review DVD Combo Pack - Produce and DVD Combo Pack - Swimmers of the Sea.

Curiosity Quest Review
Curiosity Quest Review

To say my kids loved these DVDs is an understatement. I think Little J may have watched them 10 times if not more. Although the age ranged that the DVDs are geared to is 7-14 Little J (5) had no problem understanding everything being explained on the DVD.

The first DVD my kids wanted to watch was the DVD Combo Pack - Swimmers of the Sea. There is a little story behind this. A couple of years ago when we were on vacation in Florida we were walking along the beach one night when a huge turtle came up onto the beach. We stood really still and it turned around and when back. However, later that same night we got to witness baby turtles leaving the beach to embark on their new adventure. As soon as the kids saw that this DVD included baby sea turtles there was no question which one they wanted to watch first. Baby sea turtles won hands down. The DVD did not disappoint. Although this is a documentary type DVD it is made in a perfect way for kids. There is no 'dumbed' down information just fun interesting well presented facts.

I mean who wouldn't fall in love with these cute things.

Curiosity Quest Review

Curiosity Quest Review

This DVD also includes penguins and the life cycle of Alaskan Salmon, each section lasting about 30 minutes.

Curiosity Quest Review

We recently had a new penguin exhibit open at our Zoo so this was a perfect time to brush up on our penguin facts. The crew head out to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and covers topics ranging from what they eat to where they live and why they don't fly. It's a seriously cool set of episodes.

OK so after we finished falling in love with sea turtles all over again, laughed at how penguins walked (and at Little J intimidating them) plus discussing why Mom doesn't like salmon but Dad does we moved onto the other disc.

If anyone tries to tell you that fruit and mushrooms are boring, don't listen to them until you have watch this set of episodes. Seriously Curiosity Quest really know how to make fun, educational television. My kids were hooked. I am going to have to get more of these DVDs or find out what channel they are on or something, yes they are that good!

If you always wondered why the cranberry adverts have people stood in fields of water, look no further.
Curiosity Quest Review

Curiosity Quest will tell you. Plus did you know that cranberries have to be able to bounce. Seriously - it's true just ask Little J, or Jam, or Boo ( or me for that matter) we can tell you.

Curiosity Quest Review

Did you know you have to be really gentle with oranges or else they can bruise, or that Mushrooms are grown in the dark?

Curiosity Quest Review

If you want to go on a field trip but can't travel that far, these videos are perfect. They make you feel like you are really there experiencing and learning along with the presenter.

Each DVD costs $24.95 and contains three 30 minute episodes. Believe me your kids will watch them over, and over, and over. (aimed at ages 7-14)

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Duolingo - Free Language Program plus App


I stumbled upon a really cool program I wanted to share. We only found it today and I signed everyone up for it including my husband. It's free.... yes you read that right completely free.

I signed myself up for the program and completed the basic level one for Spanish (our language of choice) and then went to show Boo. I got the eye roll and sigh when I mentioned I found something for Spanish that I wanted her to try. She is SO funny (not) when I want to add something new to her schedule. Anyway I signed her up and she completed the basic level part one too.

I am pleased to say she is completely hooked! I think she spent over an hour on it. Then I mentioned there was a free app, and she tried that out. After dinner I heard her say as she sat on the sofa..."I think I'll do some more Spanish".

By the end of the day every one except Little J (because he can't read well enough yet) and Dad had tried it out. Dad promised to check it out tomorrow. I had to download Little J another free Spanish app for kids (I'll tell you about it soon if he continues to like it).

So let me tell you what it's called Duolingo and let me remind you - It's FREE. There is also a free app available.

This is not a paid review or anything, it's just something we tried and I wanted to share. Mainly because FREE and FUN is AWESOME!!!

Check it out!


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Friday, April 11, 2014

Random 5 - April 11

 Random 5

The Pebble Pond

1. My husband took me out on a date last night. We went to see Divergent. I am half way through book 2. The one thing I hate is when they change things from the book. If you liked the movie you HAVE to read the book. It is SO much better. (I did like the movie...just not as much as the book.)

2. I ordered Boo new piano books this week she's moving on to level 4 of her piano series. It only has 5 levels. I was a little surprised. I also ordered both of them a fun book each. They both chose the 'Rock and Roll' book. Our house will be filled with sounds of 'Great Balls Of Fire' soon because I know Boo will LOVE that one.

3. Daddy is taking Boo to a Daddy Daughter Dance Saturday night. When I said that Dad was taking her on a date she laughed and said "But Mom I can't date till I'm 16" ha ha ha.

4. The circle for the pool is finished and now I have a pile of sand next to it ready for the next step.

5. My love for A1 sauce has been officially passed on to my youngest...

The Pebble Pond

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Supercharged Science e-Science Curriculum Review (Schoolhouse Review Crew)

Supercharged eScience Review
I am not the most motivated Mom when it comes to doing science experiments. However my kids love science. My kids were very excited when they heard that we were given the opportunity to review the K-12 Level Plan of the e-Science Premium Membership of Supercharged Science a online e-Science Online Learning Program. I received a 6 month subscription K-12 which usually cost $57 per month. You can also get a K-8 subscription that costs $37 per month.

Supercharged eScience Review
Supercharged Science is the brain child of Aurora Lipper she wanted to find a way to provide excellent science education to parents and educators, and believe me this is something that she has succeeded in doing.
Aurora Lipper has a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (with a Minor in Mathematics and a senior project in Rocket Science) a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. She has worked at NASA, been an instructor in University where she taught Statics, Dynamics, Engineering Systems, and loads more. Click here to read an interview with her.

A lot of our science classes we do with another family and so we took the opportunity to share this program with them too. As we were finishing up another program we looked for some sections on Supercharged Science that linked the programs together to get us started. We had great fun scrolling through the sections. We found a section on 'Magnets' which was perfect. We told the kids that we would watch one of the videos and do the experiment. We ended up watch every video in the section and the kids loved them. When we finally dragged them away we were able to do the experiments we had planned to do.

Since we have a wide age gap we haven't spent a lot of time working through the individual age sections on the website. However I can completely understand how this would be beneficial if you are just working with one child or a group of children in one age group. Since I have a 5 year old, 11 year old and a 13 year old and my friend has a 4 year old, 10 year old and 12 year old we have picked topics we find interesting to work on with the kids.
Boo liked to sit and watch the videos. She is a very visual learner. Most of the science we have done so far is to read about the facts, read about the experiments and try to duplicate what we have read. This time it was nice to actually see what the experiment was supposed to do/or look like before we actually did it.

I loved that we could include Little J in this program. He watched the videos along with the big kids. His favorite experiment was the color changing celery.

The only problem we had was the ingredients needed for some of the experiments seemed to be quite expensive. However, because of the videos of the experiments the kids still enjoyed watching them and seeing the results. You can get free access to Supercharged Science's Science Activity Manual and Video Series here (a $30 value free).

So I mentioned earlier that there are two main ways to use this program. One is by subject or topic (of which there is 20) the other is by grade (K-12 or K-8 depending on which subscription you have). As you can see by the screen shot below it's really easy to identify where to click on the top of the screen.

So what do you get with the Supercharged Science e-science online learning program.

1. Online support. Aurora is available on the website and will answer questions and comments directly on the website.
2. Detailed video based lessons taught by - you guessed it Aurora. (AKA Rocket Scientist and according to my kids that is cool).
3. Step by Step instructions (in video format).
4. Self guided lessons - so your kids can work through it by themselves.
5. Exercises and Quizzes
6. Plus Teacher guides.

What do you need to use this program.

1. Computer or Laptop
2. Fast Internet connection
3. Money for supplies
4. Printer / Notebook - There are various worksheets etc to print out.

The layout of this website was a little daunting. In fact it probably scared me to death at first. There is SO much information her. It's also not quite the easiest to negotiate your way around. However after we had been using it for a while I found this awesome User Guide right there in the top right hand corner of the screen. If only I had seen that before!

If you want to check out this cool home-school science program Aurora has given me the opportunity to let you try it out for just $1 so if you are interested in that click here.

If you want to follow Supercharged Science on social media here are the links;


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Monday, April 7, 2014

Victus Study Skills System Review (Schoolhouse Review Crew)

Victus Study Skills Review
I think learning how to study is one of the most important things to learn. When we were given the chance to review The Victus Study Skills System I was really intrigued. Jam and I spent some time looking at their website and decided to give it ago. I was interested in the concept and so was he. We received the Victus Study Skills Teacher Edition and Student Edition Workbook were soft covered and spiral bound (my favorite kind of workbook for writing in).

We have been a homeschooling for about three time has flown. Jam had just finished 4th grade when we started and he has been excellent at planning his time and very motivated with his school work for the most part. I give him a daily schedule and he works out the rest. He has the choice of when to do what and it's his responsibility to make sure everything gets done by the end of the day. However I have never really sat down and taught him study skills, I guess I just took it for granted because he has always excelled.

There is a quote on the front of the student notebook that I love, in fact it really sums up how I personally feel about education in general;

"For the sole true end of education is simple this: to teach men how to learn for themselves, and whatever instruction fails to do this is effort spent in vain" - Dorothy Sayers

My kids study Latin via Skype with their Nana who lives in England every Monday morning. Jam was very quick to tell me that 'Victus' means 'Way of Life'. I love this because our homeschooling journey is just that, our way of life.

The Victus Study Skills program's aim is to equip the student for success in academics and in life. Funny, because that is my aim too. I do not teach my children just to pass exams (although that is a benefit) I am teaching them to be good, moral, educated people and also life long learners.

The four concepts focused on in the system are these;

1. Zeal without knowledge is not good, but zeal with knowledge bears fruit.
One day Jam wanted to repair his bike, he got all excited and headed out to the garage. He played around with his bike for a while and came in a little frustrated. Later my husband spoke to him and gave him some guidance and pointers. The next day he went out again into the garage and was able to complete his task of fixing his breaks. He was very proud of himself. He realized that it is better to spend a few minutes to prepare and educate yourself than just jump in. We have also talked about this concept in relation to schoolwork. If you try to do a test or assignment without reading the material it doesn't matter how hard you try you can not remember the answers required. Why...because you can not remember what you have not learned. Sounds simple I know but how many times do we think we can do something without adequate preparation.

2. Results come from the process.
This is another awesome concept, who remembers the quote like "why expect different results when we keep doing the same thing" or something like that... If we want a different outcome we have to try new ways of doing it. One of the examples in the student book is about a swimmer and a coach. This really struck a cord with Jam as we joined a swim team last August. Jam and Boo have changed their swimming technique dramatically over the last 9 months honestly they look like different creatures in the water. They look like real swimmers. This result is because of the changes they have made by following the instructions of their awesome coaches. Jam linked this concept with his own life. It has been great watching the light bulbs click.

3. Any system with all of its components must have an aim, or purpose.
I have noticed watching Jam work through this program that when he has a goal that he wants to reach he is a lot more successful with a task. Right now Jam is working to be a Life scout. I love that this gives him a focus. However although he is working towards Life his goal is to be an Eagle Scout by the time he is 16. I don't know if this is possible (I am not the best Scout Mom) but I will encourage his goal.

4. An effective system of study has the greatest likelihood of aiding in success.

When all of the four components are used together we can be successful.

Victus Study Skills Review
The program consists of a student book $20.00 and a teacher edition book $40.00.

How we used it:

This course is suggested for 5th - 12th graders (parental assistance may be required with the younger grades). Jam is quite near the beginning of that age range so we decided to start working through the sections together. Although we started working together Jam soon found the work and concepts quite easy and decided that he wanted to continue working on his own. I thought this was an excellent idea because the whole course is about figuring out oneself and your own goals and motivation.

Victus Study Skills System  is broken down into three cornerstones and then broken down into further exercises for each student to work through. The study guide says that the basic course can be broken down into five one hour sessions. We however did not follow this plan. Jam broke up the exercises into smaller chunks and took about two weeks to work through the workbook.

1. Where I am now - This unit is broken down into 5 exercises.
2. Where do you want to be - This is broken down into 8 exercises.
3. How do I get there - This is broken down into 21 exercises.

Bonus Appendix - containing extra resources to be used throughout the course.

Jam worked through the lessons. We realized that we have implemented a lot of the concepts taught in this book without even knowing it. We set goals, we identify what we have to do to reach them. As Jam realized this he became more confident. He has implemented the note-taking technique. We use a Charlotte Mason based education and has started to use this while he is reading so he can more fully remember the information he wants to include in his written narrations.

Jam found some of the lessons a little simplest but he liked the concepts behind it.

We found this a very easy to use program. Jam said he enjoyed it and will continue to implement some of the things he learned.

So just to recap the Victus Study Skills System Teacher Edition $ 40.00 Student Addition $20.00 and is suitable for grades 5-12.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Random 5 Friday April 4th 2014

The Pebble Pond

1. My husband and I are going for our biometrics today. It's the next stage in our Citizenship application. We have lived in the US for 15 years. It will be exciting to finally become citizens.

2. My husband is taking Boo to a Daddy Daughter Ball next Saturday. So a dress shopping trip is also on our radar for today (and maybe new shoes too...we will have to see).

3. My sister is planning on taking the kids to an Archery Range this afternoon while my husband and I are getting our biometrics down. Hopefully it won't be too windy and cold. We have had some real bad storms here the last two days.

4. I made a new baked granola recipe yesterday, and LOVED it. I took the kids to the local Amish store (OK local is pushing it a bit as it's 15 miles away) to buy all the ingredients. My Mom just sent me the recipe she used to make when I was a maybe I will have to try that one next time. It's actually really similar so maybe I will just mix the two recipes and see what happens. I will post the recipe soon.

5. I just signed up for Sparks Naturals Oil of the month club this week. I have been so impressed with their customer service and can't wait to get me first oil. I also signed up as an affiliate so if you use my code chickens you can get 10% off your order (except for the Oil of the Month Club as that's already discounted).


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Math Essentials - Math Refresher for Adults {TOS REVIEW}

Anyone who knows me knows that math is not my favorite subject! Any math questions from high school definitely get directed to my math-l...