Monday, April 14, 2014

Duolingo - Free Language Program plus App


I stumbled upon a really cool program I wanted to share. We only found it today and I signed everyone up for it including my husband. It's free.... yes you read that right completely free.

I signed myself up for the program and completed the basic level one for Spanish (our language of choice) and then went to show Boo. I got the eye roll and sigh when I mentioned I found something for Spanish that I wanted her to try. She is SO funny (not) when I want to add something new to her schedule. Anyway I signed her up and she completed the basic level part one too.

I am pleased to say she is completely hooked! I think she spent over an hour on it. Then I mentioned there was a free app, and she tried that out. After dinner I heard her say as she sat on the sofa..."I think I'll do some more Spanish".

By the end of the day every one except Little J (because he can't read well enough yet) and Dad had tried it out. Dad promised to check it out tomorrow. I had to download Little J another free Spanish app for kids (I'll tell you about it soon if he continues to like it).

So let me tell you what it's called Duolingo and let me remind you - It's FREE. There is also a free app available.

This is not a paid review or anything, it's just something we tried and I wanted to share. Mainly because FREE and FUN is AWESOME!!!

Check it out!


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