Monday, May 12, 2014

Blogging Through the Alphabet C is for Civics Lessons

What greater resource to use for a US Civics Lesson than the Naturalization Test for new Citizens.

As you know from my Blogging Through the Alphabet 'A' is for America post my husband and I are becoming U.S Citizens. Next Tuesday we are going for our final interview and we have to answer random 10 questions out of 100 given questions. So of course since we don't know which 10 will be chosen we have to learn the answers to all 100.

Since we homeschool our children (actually we would have probably would have done this even if we didn't) we decided to make our kids sit the test at home. However they have to answer all 100 questions.

When the kids were in public school we used to give them $5.00 per 'A' in their final report card at the end of the year. We have been homeschooling for 3 years now and they really miss their summer fun money. So we decided this test would be a good way to give them some money to pay for the things that they want to do this summer. Although my husband and I haven't decided on an amount yet it will be on a correct question basis so for example $.25 or $.50 per correct answer. This has really kicked in the motivation and they have been reviewing the questions like crazy.

So what are the questions you might ask...

I made a Google Doc here so you can check them out for yourself. You can find the answers here.

There are lots of resources online that you can use whilst studying for this test check out the official USCIS Citizenship Resource Center and Preparing for the Oath. The second website even has a practice test, although unlike the real test there are multiple choice answers to choice from.

I hope you found this information interesting. Join me in teaching your children a little more about the country in which we live.

Ben and Me

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  1. Congratulations on your citizenship (see, I'm so sure you will pass)! You now know more about the American government than 75+ percent of the population and probably 90 percent of our elected officials (seriously--even the President once said he'd visited all 57 states).


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