Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blogging Through The Alphabet - D is for DIY

 Blogging Through The Alphabet - D is for D.I.Y

I think I married the best man in the world. I know we all think that but really my husband is awesome. Over the years he has saved us so much money by completing so many DIY projects. To be honest I have been spoiled. In my last house I remember making a comment about how handy it would be to have a new electrical outlet 'here' and the next week one had magically appeared (ha ha ha).

My husband would tell you that he learned his skills in various ways. My Dad (another D word!) has been a huge influence on him. When we were dating (I was 16 and he was 18) he would come to my house for the weekend (yes - completing chaperoned) we lived in different towns and so it was they only way to see each other. I had a Saturday job and so my husband would hang out with my family. Which a lot of the time meant helping my Dad with whatever project he was working on. The next thing my husband swears by is 'You-tube' seriously it's awesome to find out how to do something. I have often found him researching 'how' to do his latest project. Of course education is huge to and since he study engineering type subjects that really helped.

My Dad has helped with quite a few of our projects too... These two guys - can build, repair, or fix ANYTHING especially when they work together!

So now it's my son's turn Jam is starting to work with his Dad and learning how to do these things. It is great to see this information passed on to another generation. Which is a good job because their new project is a new office FOR ME! I can't wait to get in their. My old office had no windows and so it will be nice to have a desk in front of my new window. I feel that we ought to have bought shares in Lowe's or Home Depot. It's definitely my husband's favorite store.

This weekend is Memorial Day and although Jam thinks he is having a holiday from school work, he's really not. He's just doing a different kind. My hope for him is that we can pass down this ability to work hard, work out, and do that both my Dad and my husband have. If he is capable and self reliant in his abilities I know he can succeed in anything he chooses to do. I can't even comprehend the money we have saved or things we wouldn't have been able to do without my husband and my Dad. They are truly wonderful. I hope that someday my husband and Dad will be able to help my son out on projects in his own home, now that would definitely make a good picture.

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