Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blogging through the Alphabet - F is for Feet

F - is for Feet 

When I was young I had terrible feet. Not that they were ugly or anything. They didn't smell terrible, and yes I had all my toes. My problem was cracking and splitting. I can't remember when my first memory was of my painful feet but I definitely have them. My Mom used to rub cream into them that the Doctor prescribed and it stunk! I mean REALLY bad. I can't even think of a way to describe it to you. All I can remember is that smelt really bad and man did it tickle when my Mom used to rub it in. It was quite a sight I am sure. My Mom trying to rub in this stinky cream and me rolling all over the floor in a mixture of laughing and crying. Laughing because my feet are SO ticklish and crying because the splits in my feet hurt SO bad.

We tried everything to help my feet but nothing helped until I was about 11. We were living in the States at the time and we went on a family vacation and ended up at The Great Salt Lake

It was really amazing. My Mom and Dad say it's changed a lot over the last 20 years. However back in 81 and 82 in was fun to swim in. Well since that vacation most of the problems I had with my feet disappeared. I wish I had thought to soak my feet in a huge concentration of salt water before. 

Although my feet don't crack to that extent anymore, I still have a huge problem with dry, cracked feet especially in the summer. 

This summer I think I have found the answer. I recently found a recipe for an amazing salve over at Camp Wander for her Naked Salve. Believe me - I am the Queen of dry cracked heels. I have been rubbing it on my heels for about 3 weeks now every time I get out of the shower. It is quite amazing. My heels look great (not great enough for a blog picture - which is why you have Little J's). It's really simple to make. I added more beeswax than the Camp Wander recipe called for. If you make the salve without essential oils you don't have to store it in a glass container. It's the best foot cream I have used so far. Adding essential oils to the salve before rubbing it on will really boost the effects. If my feet are really tired and hot I love adding a little peppermint oil into the salve before I rub it in.

If you have dry feet and have tried everything else, you really ought to give this recipe a try.

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