Friday, June 13, 2014

Blogging Through the Alphabet - G is For Grandparents


Those of us with Grandparents know what a blessing they can be in our lives. I know that not everyone has the opportunity to live close to them. I don't have any living Grandparents anymore. My Grandfather (on my Mom's side) died the year I was born, and my Grandmother died when I was about six. My Dad's parents have also died but I was lucky enough to have my Dad's Mom at my wedding.

My oldest daughter passed away when she was three. Her main concern was how much we loved each other and how our family was joined together. She used to ask my Mom (her Grandmother) whether she loved her other Grandparents and wanted to make sure that her family was close. This was not a hard question for her as she has know my in-laws longer than I have. They first became friends when my husband and I were very young.

My children's grandparents are a huge part of their lives, even when we don't live close to them. Recently due to health issues my husbands parents haven't been able to visit us from England. So after our last visit my husband and I were concerned about this. What did we come up with - Latin. Every Monday morning my older two kids have a Latin lesson with their Nana (My husband's mom) in England. They meet on Skype with our webcams. They both really like this, and although they are learning a lot, it's more about the time together face to face than the Latin.

My parents live closer we used to live in the same town, however last year we moved an hour away to be closer to my husbands work. Although it's only an has made a lot of difference. We miss each other a lot. Every other week we drive to our old town (an hour away) for piano lessons. (We don't do change very well!) This has become a standing lunch date with my Mom (and Dad when he can make it). Hopefully soon we their commitments will enable us to be able to spend more time with them. My older two also text my parents a lot. This is definitely one use of technology that I support 100%. Closeness is not about distance it's about love and effort. You can be close to family on the other side of the world or in the house next door. It just takes a little more work.

I know that Grandparents can be a huge blessing in the lives of the younger generation.

If you have them treat them well!

Ben and Me

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  1. Skyping is such a God send! What a great way to connect generations!


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