Monday, July 28, 2014

Bob Books {Review and Giveaway}

Have you ever used Bob Books read on to hear what I think and enter a giveaway for your own set of your choice!

I have only been homeschooling for 3 (nearly 4) years and I am still feel like a newbie. Jam and Boo both went to an amazing little public school. They attended 3 year old preschool two mornings a week and 4 year old preschool 3 mornings a week before going to Kindergarten. They could write their names, say their ABC and count pretty well. All this with just a little help from me. They both asked to homeschool the year Jam was in 4th grade and so that summer we decided to give it a try, and we have never looked back. Both kids love it and are doing really well. In fact they are both now above their public school grade level.

Now lets talk about Little J. This is scares me a little. His brain is a HUGE sponge in fact my niece who is visiting from England told me that she normally takes random facts from a five year old with a pinch of salt. Except for the random facts Little J spills out...honestly it doesn't matter how weird they are, he is normally correct. He can quote movies from a film he has only seen once so well that my Mom thought he must have sat and watched it 50 times. Seriously!

So why does this scare me...well it's not really him it's reading. I have never actually had to teach a child to read all by myself before. The other two went to school, I was sent flash cards and reading books, which we read diligently. We read out loud as a family (and always have). Which it SO much less pressure than actually teaching a child to read from scratch. I mean the 'teacher' was always there to help me - and my kids 1st and 2nd grade teacher were both awesome! (they had the same ones).

So we have started this reading game. Of course being around books is normal but switching it to Little J reading instead of being read too was difficult. Plus we moved and my awesome friendly local library is now in our old town. I have struggled to find the perfect set of beginner readers. Until I found Bob Books Little J really wasn't interested in reading any book. I think he was intimidated with the size and number of pages. The day I introduced the Bob Books his whole attitude changed. I mean this little books are just his size and the length is perfect. I started him with Set 2 Advancing Readers and he loved the little stories.

The fact that all the words can be sounded out is awesome and really helps increase the young readers confidence. Bob Books are the creation of Bobby Lynn Maslen a once school teacher with lots of experience working with 3-5 year old children. These books are really easy to use and there is even a little placement test on the website if you are unsure where to start your child. Each set is available as a paper book set and a kindle edition. We have also been using the new Bob book apps right now they go along with book set 1 and 2 and are available on Google play, App Store, and Amazon app store for android. They also have a cool blog you can check out.

If you haven't tried them yet enter this giveaway to try to get your first set, or if you have used them I am sure there is another set on your wish list. One person will win one set of Bob Books of their choice. (Please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery of your prize).

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  1. I would love to win this set for my kids! My daughter is currently learning to read and I have two more kids who will take advantage of these books in the future also.

  2. I'd love to win an advanced set, we love the beginner set we already have!

  3. My beginning reader is really JUST beginning, so I'd be most interested in set 1.

  4. I would love the beginning reader set. We have decided to embark on the home school journey and I am so excited!

  5. Id like to win the compound words set

  6. I have always wanted to try these little books! Great Giveaway!

  7. I would love to win any of the sets. I am gearing up to home school (my oldest would be kindergarten) and checked out one set of the BOB books at the library. My son loves them because he can read them all by himself. This would be great to have at home!

  8. I'd love the Kinder sight words set. We have sets 1-3 and love them.


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