Friday, July 18, 2014

Random Five Friday 18th July

 1. We didn't plant a garden this year. We planted 2 tomato plants and 2 peppers. Non of them are doing very well. The colder than usual weather is not helping.

2. We get to spend tomorrow at an all day swim meet. It's our summer championships. So I have been making homemade pizza all afternoon to take instead of sandwiches...sandwiches are not my favorite.

3. I took the kids to go to a Ronald McDonald Magic show. It was really fun. 'Ronald' did a awesome show. All of the kids went up to participate. Little J enjoyed it the most.

4. We went rock-climbing this week. Normally when we go Little J just puts one foot on the wall and says he's done. Monday he went half way up the wall. We will have to take him again soon. - He loved it!

5. We have this really cool bike attachment for Little J. It clips to my husbands bike. Last Saturday when I took the older two to their swim-meet Dad took Little J cycling. They 24 miles and Little J had a blast, cooled off after with a rare root beer treat.

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