Friday, July 11, 2014

Random Five Friday - July 11th 2014

Random Five Friday

1. Little J is on the verge of reading, I mean really reading. But for some reason we hit a attitude brick wall. He hasn't wanted to read for the last couple of weeks. So today I came up with a new incentive plan. Basically he reads a book and earns 15 minutes of screen time. The change in his attitude today was instant. He read 6 Bob books in a matter of a few minutes. It was funny because the more he read the more he enjoyed it. He was laughing at the little stories as he read. It was fun to hear. (I am in the process of doing a review for Bob Books which will include a giveaway)

2. We made a trip to the city this week to take my niece shopping at the closest mall. It was fun but I am so glad that I don't live in a city. We did get to go to Chick-fil-A which is a real treat as we don't have one near our home. I mentioned as I ordered that I had never tried their lemonade. Anyway after they brought our food, they also brought me a glass of lemonade to try. It was SO good. I will definitely be getting it next time we go. YUM!

3.  We made funnel cakes this week. They turned out pretty good for homemade. Little J rode his first horse/pony.

4. The weather is really weird here at the moment. It's not as humid as normal and really quite mild. I am hoping since we have the pool this year and not reliant on the public pool opening times that it will stay warm well into September. 

5. I can't believe how fast summer swim season has gone. Tomorrow is the last swim meet before the championships. So we have to leave tomorrow at 5:45am. The one thing I am looking forward too in two weeks. No alarm clock on a Saturday morning.

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  1. I just discovered Chick-fil-A's lemonade last year and I LOVE it! My gymnast is on morning schedule during the summer, so no 730 am practices on Saturdays until Sept.


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