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3P Learning - Mathletics Review {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

Mathletics Online Math Review

We were introduce to 3P Learning and their Mathletics program when my children were in public school. They used to compete online as a class once a year. So I was very interested to find out more about the full program.

3P Learning is not just about math. It also offers online learning in reading, spelling, and science. The programs are available world wide and is fully aligned with over a dozen international curricula including the Common Core Standards. As you can tell by my first comment it can be used by schools as well at home. In fact they have 4 million students in over 17,000 school across the world.

Mathletics  is not a full math curriculum. It is designed to be a supplemental math program, because of this it is perfect for schools, home schools, or just family's just wanting to help their kids get some extra math skills.

Mathletics Online Math Review

What we got to try:

We were given a full year subscription to Mathletics for two students. The program is suitable for K-12. Little J has been using this subscription and we have bounced around the K and 1st grade options this summer.
The first thing I had to do was set up Little J's grade and if you want to set 'tasks' you would do that too. I only assigned tasks once, Little J preferred to have a little more freedom.
When I first signed Little J in I signed him up for 1st grade as we have completed our Kindergarten curriculum and have started our 1st grade one. However, he found this a little difficult and because I want to treat this as a 'supplemental'  fun program I decided to move him back to the kindergarten level. He actually found this level a bit easy but we found it excellent for reinforcement and review.

Little J loved that he could set up an avatar - of course he chose a green shirt!

When working in the normal section the screen will light up with the scores that they have achieved in a certain area as you can see below. It also shows you how many points they have received that week.

The program recommends using the program for three twenty minute time slots per week. Little J didn't last this long. He would play for about 10 minutes. He liked the 'Live Mathletics Challenge' program. He loved how this showed a map of the world as it hunted for people to 'play with him'. Unfortunately he was never really fast enough even though the program showed me that he was in 'Level 1'. 

There are so many links on the page if I left him alone he would just keep clicking on different sections and never really complete anything. You can see how tempting the list below is! (He did stay on the Times Tables Toons section for a while.

 One of the most important parts of this program for me was that it works perfectly on Little J's Nexus. So many other programs are just i-pad compatible it's frustrating. Once I downloaded the special free app it was a breeze to set up. Little J loved playing this on his pad. There is an online and offline program so you can play it on the road - which is great because sometimes Little J gets frustrated that he can't play some of his favorite apps in the car. This option makes the program 'math in the car' viable too! The program updates when you have WiFi so your scores update. The only thing I couldn't work out was how to save the password to log in. This was a little frustrating, as it would remember the username but not the password. Luckily I was able to remember his password easily, but Little J couldn't which meant every time he wanted to play I had to be around to log him in.There are a few options like end of unit tests, rainforest maths, and times tables that are not available on the android application. Every week I received an email about Little J's online activity. This email would probably be more helpful with an older child as I was always sat next to Little J when he was online.

Along with the computer program and android apps there are PDF workbooks than can be downloaded and printed. I did look at these but we didn't use any during the review period. I will definitely single out a couple though for later in the year if we need to review a particular topic.

All in all this program works quite well. Little J never really asked to use it, but never complained when I suggested it either. I preferred the version for Android as it contained a lot less distractions than the computer version. In the end we only used this on the Android unless we had to take a unit test.

Mathletics is designed for grade K-12 and they offer a free trial. Right now you can buy a 12 month home  subscription for $59.00 per student.

There is so many features and ages available for this program I would recommend clicking on the link below to read what others thought.

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