Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Magic Grotto (Blue Grotto) Island of Capri - Guest Post - Boo

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Today I read about the most amazing place on earth, The Magic Grotto also know as The Blue Grotto. (Halliburtons Book of Marvels)

Along time ago on an island called Capri, there was an earthquake and part of the caves entrance sunk into the sea. It is now known as the Magic Grotto. The only way to get into this cave is to enter by a narrow entrance by rowboat. Once you get inside the cave it's so beautiful you could imagine you are in heaven. The oars turn silver as they touch the water, if you skim the water with your hands they turn the color of diamonds. The walls and ceiling are the most beautiful shade of blue. 

I would love to visit this Magic Grotto. I read that if you dive into the depths that you would leave a trail of sparkle behind you, Wouldn't that be amazing.

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