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Suzanne Woods Fisher - Christmas at Rose Hill Farm {Litfuse Publicity Group Review}

Christmas at Rose Hill Farm Suzanne Woods Fisher

I loved loved loved this book, and it's definitely one that I will let my daughter read. Such a sweet simple love story, with a few little twists and turns. I am a definite lover of Amish fiction and this one does not disapoint.

Bess Riehl loves roses, but she also has a green thumb and can grow them too. Not just your usual run of the mill variety but really special ones. She learned to love and care for roses from her Grandmother along with her childhood sweetheart Billy Lapp.

Now Bess is preparing for her wedding. However, part of her is still wondering what made Billy Lapp leave the community and her a few years earlier. Although her head has moved on and is preparing to marry Amos Lapp, who just happens to be Billy's cousin.

All seemed to be going well until an 'lost' rose turns up on Rose Hill Farm and Bess's dad asks someone from the local University to come and identify it. Billy turns up and Bess's heart is awakened to her old feelings for Billy Lapp, leaving her in turmoil. Billy's plan is to solve the mystery of the rose and disappear as quickly as he did before. Of course things never go according to plan. Did he leave because he didn't love Bess anymore or was there something deeper, a bigger problem he couldn't share.

What will Bess and Billy decide, will she marry Amos - will she find out why Billy left. You will have to read the book to find out the ending.

This is a sweet little book perfect for the Christmas season and a reminder that miracles can still happen.

Suzanne Woods Fisher doesn't disappoint in this Amish Christmas story.

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Christmas at Rose Hill Farm Suzanne Woods Fisher

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