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Kindle HDX Giveaway and Facebook Author Party with Judith Miller!

Don't miss Judith Miller's latest novel, The Brickmaker's Bride. CBA Retailers + Resources raves, ". . . a wonderful story about faith and love throughout life’s trials."

Judith is celebrating with a Kindle HDX giveaway and  a "Refined by Love" Facebook author event on November 4th.
 One winner will receive:
  • A Kindle HDX
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Enter today by clicking the button below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on November 4th. Winner will be announced at the Refined by Love Facebook Author Event. Connect with Judith for a fascinating evening centered around her new Civil War-era series. She'll be hosting a book club discussion, giving away prizes, answering your questions, offering an exclusive peek at the next book in the Refined by Love series, and much more!

So grab your copy of The Brickmaker's Bride and join Judith and friends on the evening of November 4th for a chance to connect and make some new friends. (If you haven't read the book, don't let that stop you from coming!)

Don't miss a moment of the fun; RSVP today by signing up for a reminder. Tell your friends via FACEBOOK or TWITTER and increase your chances of winning. Hope to see you on the 4th!


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The Legend of the Candy Cane - By Lori Walburg {BookLookBlogger Review}

We love books and although it's not Christmas yet - I know it's actually Halloween as I am writing this.

However If I want to tell you about some really fun Christmas books I have to do it with time for you to check them out too before Christmas - I mean really you wouldn't want me to tell you about them on Christmas Eve - Although that's exactly when I will be reading this one (along with a few others I will be telling you about soon).

The Legend of the Candy Cane

This is a very cute story introducing the symbolism behind the candy cane.

The story starts when a stranger turns up in town and starts fixing up an old store. The people in town are very curious, but nobody knew what the stranger was doing. Until Lucy decides to help. She sees to her joy that the stranger is opening a candy store. With excitement she looks at all the lollipops, gumballs, taffy, and her favorite candy gumdrops. In the very last crate she spies a new candy. After asking what it is she is told that it is a candy cane and it's a very special Christmas candy. The shopkeeper then goes on to tell her the meaning behind it.

My kids loved this story and I know it will become one of our favorite Christmas books.

The illustrations by Richard Cowdrey are perfect and really help the story come alive!

I was sent a copy of this book to review from BookLookBloggers.

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I CAN READ - Moses Leads the People - Adventure Bible by Zonderkidz - Review

Captain America is 'almost' reading. Well that's what he would tell you anyway. I think he just lacks confidence as he knows a lot more words than he gives himself credit for. The whole 'reading by himself' scares him a little.

I was sent a copy of the book Moses Leads the People "I CAN READ! - by Zonderkidz. 
by BookLookBloggers.

I love the fact that Captain America can access Christian based stories in a 'I CAN READ' format.

This story is of course about Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt to the promised land. It is an adaptation of the story as told in Exodus and doesn't really miss much out. There are pictures depicting each of the plagues and although Captain America wasn't phased by the pictures they may be a bit much for younger kids.

Captain America couldn't quite read this by himself BUT he did an awesome job with most of the words. Boo liked to read this to him as well. I can see it will be a book that we keep around. It's nice to have a change from Spiderman and Batman as our favorite reading material.

Level 2 readers are described as 'High Interest stories for developing readers' and this book certainly delivers!


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The Verbal Math Lesson - Review

I have had the opportunity to use some really fun Math books with Captain America over the last few months. I was contacted by Nina Levin from Mountcastle Company and asked if I would like to review a series of books called The Verbal Math Lesson.

There are three books in the series book 1 is aimed at children 5-7 book 2 is for ages 7-8, and book 3
 is for ages 8-10. They cost about $11.00 each on Amazon in paperback form.

I was told that I was sent the 2nd edition of these books but not seeing the first edition I can't really comment on the difference. However I can tell you that these books have been a huge hit. We haven't replaced our other math programs with the books - as I am a little math obsessed. I struggle with math (see there is a reason opposites attract - thanks math genius husband). So, I really want my kids to do well AND enjoy it.

I started out using book 1 with Captain America. Each lesson builds upon the other so for example lesson 1 is called 'Working with nothing' then we go on to 'Counting and simple adding', 'Addition up to 6' until the last chapter 'Subtracting double-digit numbers ending in 0'.

The course is designed to make math fun for young children. I know when you enjoy something you tend to do better at it. Of course this is verbal - in your head math that seems to be skipped so often now since everyone carries a calculator everywhere. I have to talk about my Mother in Law here for a second - She is awesome at mental math. I mean you can have a huge list of things to add up and boom...she beats my use of the calculator every time, and her accuracy is much better than mine (with the calculator). This is probably where my husband gets his math talents from (hopefully the kids get their math skills from him not me!)

Because the first book in the series is designed for grades K-1 it is important to remember that the lessons must be read to the child and then the calculations are done mentally and without the use of paper and pencil. We managed to get through the first few chapters without having to repeat. The guidelines are that the child should be able to do the majority of the problems correctly the first time. If not, you should repeat the lesson the next day. Before progressing to a new lesson it is important to make sure they can do most of the problems in the current lesson easily and quickly (4 seconds is given as a guide.)

So how do you know if your child is ready for this course? Here's some clues that are given in the front of book 1;

1. Child can count to 100. (Occasional errors OK)
2. Can identify written numbers. (Single and double digits)
3. Understands 'same as', 'more than', and 'less than' when referring to numbers and quantities.
4. Knows the difference between right and left and right and wrong :)
5. Recognizes basic shapes.
6. Has a basic, conceptual understanding of measurements of length and weight.

This book has been a huge hit at our house. It is on the list of one of Captain America's favorite things to do.

I haven't used them with my older two since they are above the age range. However I have already decided that these books are going to Disney with us next year. I mean why not practice mental math when you are stuck in a car for 17 hours! I know big kids won't be able to help themselves!


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Manic Drive VIP - Review and Giveaway

I was recently sent a copy of the CD Manic Drive VIP. We received this CD from Flyby promotions and my kids were excited - new music is always a hit here. This CD was released on October 14 and the band is very popular in Canada. When I was younger I lived in England and one of my favorite things was to listen to the Top 20 on a Sunday evening. I haven't given 'Top Twenties' a thought in years but it is a fun statistic. Manic Drive have been in the Billboard Top 10 & 20 singles on CHR and Christian Rock Radio.

It is nice to listen to a CD that has fun dancy beats without trashy lyrics. That is what you will find on this CD. My kids liked it - especially Captain America - he seems to be our resident music expert. He likes to listen to music while he completes his eye program on the computer, and this one made the cut.
I found the lyrics a little simple, but there were no complaints from the youngest one here. The music is very good though and most of the songs have a catchy rhythm.

There are ten tracks on the CD.

1. Electric (Featuring Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch)
2. VIP (Featuring Manwell)
3. Street Lights
4. King of Mercy
5. Good News
6. I Hide You Seek
7. Song to Sing
8. Fire
9. Indestructible
10. Rhythm

Manic Drive has been widely known as a Canadian band who always delivers a great show, but over the past few years and project releases, they have added to their extensive touring of Canadian and US markets multiple Billboard Top 10 & 20 singles on CHR & Christian Rock Radio. Manic Drive is clearly very intentional about reaching their generation and inspiring them to pursue a deeper walk with Christ and to get involved in changing the world they are inheriting. And they are uniquely equipped to do so. The band members, all in their early-mid twenties, have made sacrifices to pursue God’s call on their lives. Their life experience, spiritual maturity and ministry have opened doors to speak into the lives of their own generation and that is perhaps the most defining characteristic of this group of guys.

I am able to offer you a chance to win a copy of the CD. Just complete the form!

Official Website-

Official FB-

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Jim Hodges Audio Books - The Dragon and The Raven {TOS Review}

Jim Hodges Productions Review

We love audio books and Jim Hodges Productions are definitely one of our favorites. So to pair them with one of our favorite authors and it's a win-win! We were given the opportunity to review an excellent G.A. Henty book on MP3 CD called The Dragon and The Raven.  ($25 for CD or $18 for digital download).

If you are not aware of G.A.Henty then Jim Hodges audio books are an excellent way to be introduced to them.We drive an hour each way to piano lessons and I am always looking for audio learning opportunities. We have searched high and low for quality audio books and have never been disappointed with anything from Jim Hodges Productions. This audio book is 7 hours 40 minutes in length and the kids loved every minute of it.

The Dragon and the Raven is set in AD 870-901 and is about the Viking Invasion of England and France. My kids had already heard of the 23 year old Alfred during our other history readings (We love history here, and read a TON.) They especially love the story of King Alfred and the cakes - they were more than pleased to hear that it was included in this story. This story is about the many fierce battles and adventures set in this time period. The hero is a young Saxon thane named Edmund (I think he won Boo's heart quite early on in the story). He joins King Alfred and although young he becomes a mighty warrior. Especially when he builds his ship (The Dragon). He is a great warrior but also a Christian and doesn't not kill for pleasure. One of his decisions during a sea adventure will change the course of his future, save his life and eventually reunite him with the Danish maiden he marries. This is definitely a book for anyone. There is fighting and battles mixed along side with courage and Christianity. With of course a love story thrown in for good measure.

Dad wasn't with use during our piano trip excursions, our field trip to the State Capital, or our Zoo trip when we listened to this story. So, the kids have already decided that we will listen to this again during our LONG drive to Florida next year, so Dad and can listen to it as well.

If you are looking for an author to make history come alive, look no further than G.A. Henty. If you want a good quality audio book then you have found it with Jim Hodges Productions.

We were also sent an excellent PDF study guide ($12) to go along with this CD. It is broken down into chapters so it was very easy to use. At the beginning of each chapter there is a page of new vocabulary. This is very useful because we are dealing with AD 870-901 and there are some very unusual expressions etc. After the list of related spelling words there are some questions related to the chapter and then some activities. We used the vocabulary words and the questions as we could do this in the car while we traveled (thanks to my cell phone internet plan). The kids would look up any words that they didn't know and we would discuss the questions verbally. However we didn't complete many of the activities. I think we will do some of them when we listen to it again. I think we will definitely make a time-line when we are driving to Florida. We will be listening to it in one go (I told you it will be a long ride) so it will be a good way to stay focused. I will get them a notebook to write the events in so they can keep it together. They could also use this notebook to make a note of any vocabulary they want to review again.

I loved that the study guide contains Internet links to interesting sites to study more about relevant topics. For example chapter one contains a link to learn more about Viking burial customs. The links in Chapter 5 took us to a virtual village of Wichamstow and this one tells you how to make a Saxon Geteld (tent). 

The study guide is 55 pages long and makes a great addition to the CD.

We loved this story, even Captain America listened intently and asked questions. The vocabulary list from the study guide was especially useful for him. Sometimes, we would have to stop the story and discuss some vocabulary. Jam was able to explain a lot of the vocabulary without having to look it up as he has read about this time period before. I love how these books really help expand vocabulary. You would want to check the age suitable for each story. Most are recommended for 8+ although Captain America has just turned 6 and loved this one.  

Check out Jim Hodges Facebook.

There are so many G.A. Henty books available from Jim Hodges you really need to check out the other reviews. I am sure you will find one that perfectly fits into the time period you are studying.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Clued in Kids {TOS Review}

Do you like treasure hunts? I know we do, what I don't like is the preparation. This year Boo wanted to give Captain America a treasure hunt for his birthday. It seemed like a fun idea. So when we were offered a review from Clued in Kids. We were lucky enough to be sent two different treasure hunts to try. We received Pirate Treasure Hunt Clue Book in the mail and a PDF copy of Multiplication Dragons Treasure Hunts 2x - 6x.

Captain America had a birthday coming up so I planned to use that treasure hunt at his birthday party. So I kept that one safe for a while. However we used the multiplication one straight away.

These treasure hunts are so easy to use. I loved the printed pirate one, but honestly the PDF file was SO easy. So let me tell you how we used these.

Multiplication Dragons Treasure Hunts ($19.99 1-10 kids recommended ages 7-9)

I printed the PDF file for the 2X tables first. Since Captain America is the only child that really needs to practice his 2X tables as Jam and Boo have them down :) So I enlisted Boo's help with this treasure hunt. In fact enlisting her help is probably underestimating what she did. In fact I handed her the printed treasure hunt and BOOM! Within 10 minutes she was running around the house helping Captain America solve the clues (after taking all of 5 minutes to set it up!)

Captain America LOVED the treasure hunt, at first he was a little concerned with the concept of multiplication but by the time he had finished the hunt he completely understood the concept.

It literally takes just a few minutes to separate the clues and hide them. Boo liked the fact that you don't have to think up the clues or hiding places. All of that is done for you and so it really is as simple as print, cut, hide, and find.

I used the 3x, 4x, 5x, and 6x table treasure hunts as a fun review with the big kids. Captain America thought is was fun too. These will be a great spur of the moment activity next time I have some of our home-school friends over - bonus 10 minute set up!

Clued In KidsReview

Pirate Treasure Hunt ($8.99 for 1-10 kids ages 4 and up)

Now for my FAVORITE treasure hunt. I guess comparing a multiplication treasure hunt with a pirate one is not really fair. Plus we used this for Captain America's 6th birthday party, which was awesome. Of course I have some great pictures. Again I can't really claim that I did much of this one either. It is awesome having older kids - Boo loved helping with the party and was so excited that I let her have free reign over this hunt. She set it up, again in about 10 minutes. When it was time to do the treasure hunt I let her have the fun of running around with the kids.

This treasure hunt had the kids running around the house, completing dot to dot puzzles and checking the mailbox. The fact that their party goody bags were our treasure was an added bonus!

Of course I couldn't resist taking a ton of pictures, Boo even dressed up for the occasion. We decorated pirate style, including the cup-cakes.

You can check out the Clued in Kids  blog. They have some giveaways and a huge selection of PDF and printed treasure hunts available. If you sign up for their newsletter you can get a free homework treasure hunt.

There are some other really cool treasure hunts that were reviewed by the crew. Click the link below to check them out!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

New Liberty Videos - Warriors of Honor {TOS Review}

New Liberty Videos Review

We love documentaries.  When I was offered a choice of a DVD from New Liberty Videos. We were very pleased to be sent our first choice from the list offered which was a DVD called Warriors of Honor. This DVD retails at $19.95.

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling a little sick, and so I thought it was a perfect time to pull out this DVD and have a comfy history afternoon.  The kids were very excited to have a change of pace for the afternoon, and were more than willing to sit and watch 'TV'.

Sometimes when I watch TV I fall asleep. I don't sit down during the day very often, so it was a rare treat. However, this documentary kept my attention. In fact I had to watch it twice just to make sure I didn't miss any of my favorite quotes.

This DVD is a documentary that talks about the causes and battles of the Civil War from a southern point of view. It focuses on the lives and Christian beliefs of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. I can honestly say I didn't know much about these two generals. I was born and raised in England. My Civil War history coverage was scanty to say the least and obviously written from the viewpoint of the North. The only thing I knew about these two men was basically what battles they were in etc.. We all know that there are two sides to every story and to the victor the spoils - and the pages of the history books.

The video is 80 minutes long. We found it engaging and very informative. As I have mentioned before I was not born in America. I found it interesting to learn about the differences in the cultures of the North and South before the Civil War.  The South were very independent and didn't want the government controlling every detail of their lives. The North were happy to have the government have more influence. I was amazed at the facts included in the video, some of which I had heard before, some that were completely new to me.

My children were astounded of how bloody the conflict was, how many men died, how many families were torn apart. We had read this information before, but somehow listening to it while watching pictures of actual people, and video of battle re-enactments it sunk in a little deeper.

This film is aimed at general audiences. I watched it with all of my children including my six year old. We have watched a lot of documentaries and so I knew that Captain America would be able to handle it. However there are pictures and descriptions  of actual carnage of the war, so if you are concerned about it, I would preview it before watching it with young children.

I will definitely be watching this again. In fact I know I will because my husband hasn't seen it yet and my kids have been talking about it so much that he really wants too. My kids have also discussed this DVD with their Grandparents and my Dad really wants to watch it too. (Guess what we will be doing next time they come to visit!)

I love it when something catches their interest and makes us discuss something as a family. We discussed how difficult it must have been to be a good Christian during these times. Of course there are many things we don't really understand still about this war. However, this movie reminds us that it was about more than slavery. It seems hard to understand that there were Christian, God fearing men on both sides of this battle. I had always been taught that the Civil War was about slavery but this video explained that is was about so much more. That there was good and bad leaders on each side.

I wish I could sit down with these great leaders (from both sides) and really know the truth about they 'whys' and 'whats' of this battle. Unfortunately this is I am left wondering.

I loved that there are so many personal accounts throughout the video. Pictures, quotes from letters, eyewitness accounts.

We live in an area with lots of Civil War history. We have re-enactments and monuments and a lot of interesting things around where we live. In fact just last weekend we were going to the zoo and drove past a huge re-enactment. Captain America was looking out of the window and saw the two uniforms. He said "look Mom, that's a re-enactment of the Civil War, their uniforms are the same as in the documentary we watched."

This DVD is just one that we were offered to review. Click on the link below to read more reviews.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Random Five Friday October 24th 2014

1. Captain America had his very first birthday party today! He was SO excited. It was a pirate party.

2. Jam will finish his camping badge this weekend. I think that makes 4 more badges till Eagle - plus his project. We need to start thinking about that.

3. Captain America is really getting into Legos. It makes birthday shopping easy.

4. I am on a binge of Househunters International. Boo has been watching with me. Did you know when you rent in Germany you have to take your kitchen with you.

5. I have been walking four days a week. It feels great!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Promise - Beth Wiseman - Review and Giveaway Reminder

I love reading! I read whenever I get the chance. However, I am sure that you agree some books suck you in quicker than others. This is one of those books. Honestly I was drawn into the story within minutes.


The story starts with a flash back to a 17 year old Mallory. Her cousin is dying and she is a match, however her parents refuse to give permission for her to donate. She makes a promise to herself that she would save a life to make up for the fact she was unable to save her cousin. The story jumps forward Twelve years and Mallory now works in a Doctors office. She still feels that she still owes her cousin, and is desperate to help save a life in her memory. However now she has her boyfriend Tate to think of too.

Tate is a Christian and very clear about his relationship with God he is a devoted Catholic and wants to lead a good life. Mallory is not religious and has no need (as she sees it) for God in her life. The relationship seemed a little to 'free' for my liking I would have preferred a more chaste leading man since he was painted in such a religious manner.

When Mallory is given the opportunity to save a life, she jumps at the chance. Even if it means traveling to a dangerous area of Pakistan, becoming familiar with the Qur'an and marrying someone she has never met except via Skype (apparently it happens more than you think!). Although Mallory thinks she is doing good, she doesn't trust those who really love her (mainly because she knows they would disprove). Her character is a little selfish, even though her goal is to save a life, she seems to be doing it for selfish reasons - to make herself feel better and get rid of her guilt.

This book is based on a true story and I really enjoyed it. Some parts of the story were obvious to me and I kept wanting to shout "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!"

If you like action and adventure you will have to get through the first half of the book that sets the scene and introduces the whirlwind that is the second half of the book.

I do think that Beth Wiseman did an excellent job with this story. It has a Christian undertone but not in a over powering way. The characters have real struggles and yet are willing to step up and do what they think is right to help others - in more way than one. The book introduces us to different cultures and it's amazing what it accepted as 'normal' in other cultures.

My adrenaline was definitely going at the end.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for a Kindle here.

The Promise Beth Wiseman

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Wordless Wednesday Oct 22 2014

 Someone's having a birthday soon!

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THE PROMISE Kindle HDX Giveaway from Beth Wiseman!

The Promise Beth Wiseman

In a daring new novel, Beth Wiseman jumps way outside the box. The Promise will take readers far away from Amish country and small Texas towns to a dangerous place on the other side of the world. Inspired by actual events, this is the book Beth has been working toward for a long time.

Curious? Click here to read the reviews, and be sure to enter Beth's Kindle HDX giveaway!
One grand prize winner will receive:
  • A Kindle Fire HDX
  • The Promise by Beth Wiseman
Enter today by clicking the icon below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on November 9th. Winner will be announced November 10th here.


My review will be posted in a couple of days! I loved this book, it is quite a page turner.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Middlebury Interactive Spanish K-2 {TOS REVIEW}

Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

One of my biggest goals for my children is that they learn to speak a language fluently. My Mom has a thing about Spanish, and I agree that it is the language besides English that makes sense to learn living in the United States. I grew up in England, in my school French and German were the only options. So anytime I can get a little help with Spanish language instruction I jump at the chance. Captain America loves Spanish and so when we were offered the chance to use Middlebury Interactive Languages I was SO excited. The program my older children use is just not user friendly for younger children like Captain America. We were given access to their K-2 Spanish Course obviously specially designed for grades K-2. As you can see from the chart below Spanish is the only language offered in that age range. However, French, Chinese, and German are all offered for older grades.

Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

Each class is offered with or without a teacher. We have been using the 'without teacher' option which costs $119 per semester.

How we used it:

I mentioned earlier that Captain America really likes Spanish. We have watched TV shows in pure Spanish before so he was more than ready to jump into this program.

As soon as we logged in the program grabbed Captain America's attention. It uses a lot of cartoons and interactive features. The program is very child friendly. I sat with Captain America during the first lesson from beginning to end. However, within a couple of seconds he was working through the program all by himself.

We worked for a minimum of two days a week. Often more, I put a link on Captain America's laptop and he clicked on it and completed a lesson whenever he wanted, even after school time some-days. When Captain clicked on his link he saw a calender with a lesson scheduled each day. At first this was confusing for him. He soon learned how to find where he left off.

The K-2 Spanish semester has 35 lessons. Captain America is on schedule to finish these before the end of our 6 month time period. Captain America does repeat some of the lesson material, not because he needed the extra practice, but because he wanted to redo his favorite lessons over, and over, and over.

His favorite part of the course were the videos that are in Spanish. I loved that they were real Spanish folklore. I enjoyed watching them, and honestly even Jam and Boo came over to see. It is amazing how much you pick up from them. Captain America has watched some multiple times and can tell us the story even though he had only heard it in Spanish. He really is a little sponge and has enjoyed soaking all of this up. Although the video covers a ton of vocabulary, way more than Captain America understands, the specific vocabulary is highlighted in such a way that he was able to understand it and use it throughout the other lessons in the chapter. Each video is show multiple times throughout the chapter, whether in whole or part.

Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

Comprehension exercises are also given, for example "What happened next" or "What did X say?" there are even exercises for the child to put the story in order using pictures. All of the exercises built on the vocabulary until he was able to practice saying the words while recording himself and then listening to his pronunciation.

I liked the fact that we could both instantly view the results of his quizzes. When he answered each quiz and pressed submit his score appeared in the top left hand corner. A green check mark appeared when all questions had been answered showing it was okay to move on to the next page. Captain America loved seeing this appeared.

We really liked this program. I know it's a winner when I don't have to remind Captain America to work on something.

If you want to connect with Middlebury Interactive check out the links below.
Google +:

There were so many languages and levels reviewed by the crew, you really need to check out the other reviews by clicking on the link below.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Glen Campbell I'll Be Me - Review and Giveaway


Music has played a huge part in my life. My Dad can sing and play the guitar. When I was very young he was in a band, I remember going to see him play. He was and still my favorite musician. However, he also introduced me to some pretty good music. In fact while growing up his music was my music. One of the artists he introduced me to as a child was Glen Campbell. We didn't have DVD players in the car, or personal game consoles to keep us entertained in the car so we would listen to music or sing along as we traveled - which we did a lot.

This afternoon I shared a little of that with my husband and kids. I was sent a preview copy of "Glen Campbell I'll Be Me" which will be hitting theaters this fall. It was a walk down memory lane for me listening to many of my favorite Glen Campbell songs, but that's a little ironic because that's exactly what Glen Campbell has lost - his memories.

In 2011, when Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he joined forces with his family to fight the biggest battle of his life. Glen and his wife, Kim, made history by going public with the diagnosis – the first time a major American celebrity would share this experience with the world. The Campbell family then embarked on a short “Goodbye Tour,” but the three-week engagement turned into an emotional and triumphant 151-show nationwide tour de force.  

This epic human drama about the undying bond between Glen and Kim, and their unwavering caring for each other, chronicles a story of love, resilience and the power of song. 

GLEN CAMPBELL…I’LL BE ME is the true tale of how America’s greatest country star would not give up his music or his family, against all odds.

The film features those who know and love Glen, including Bruce Springsteen, Bill Clinton, The Edge, Paul McCartney, Jay Leno, Vince Gill, Jimmy Webb, Blake Shelton, Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Steve Martin, Chad Smith and Taylor Swift among many others. Rare vintage footage and extraordinary new performances of Glen’s most beloved hits immerse this moving cinematic account in the overwhelming talent of this humble family man. With joy and a tireless sense of humor, Glen and his family live each moment in the present while preparing for the future, all while playing their music to sold out venues on a star spangled voyage spanning the country from Carnegie Hall to the Hollywood Bowl.

I really enjoyed this documentary. It was nice seeing the love that everyone who works with Glen Campbell has for him. My daughter thought it was really cool to see Taylor Swift introducing Glen Campbell for his Life Time achievement award.

You can win the 5 song EP soundtrack from this new movie by entering my giveaway link below - and relive some of your memories - or make some new ones!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Random Five Friday October 17 2014

The Pebble Pond1. I am taking Captain America on a date today - with no big kids. We are going to see Seussical
at a local University. He is SO excited.

 Seussical (logo).png

2. Captain America got his new prescription swim goggles today. If you have been around a while you will know that he has amblyopia. His prescription is +5.75 in his weaker eye and +3.00 in his good eye. Yesterday the coach said she thinks he is swimming straighter already! We have only used these goggle for two days but so far for the price I am impressed. Plus they came with free shipping, and it was quite fast considering it was overseas. I am not an affiliate and this is not a paid promotion. However, I like to give credit where credits due and my experience with Goggles and More has been excellent so far.

3. I am seriously thinking of changing the name of this blog. Why you may ask...well I named it when I was being least creative. Plus we used to have chickens and bunnies. Well the only thing that's true about it now is that we still homeschool. So I have been thinking of some names that make more watch this space!!!

4. My husband says that my oldest can't go trick or treating this year. He says he is too old. I wondered what other people do. We never grew up with trick or treating so it's not as ingrained in our culture. "Penny for the Guy" anyone :)

5. My husband has been away on business for a couple of days. I have noticed (even though all three kids would deny it) that they are messier when Dad's away. Obviously I need to crack the whip more :)

Check out more random five over at The Pebble Pond.

The Pebble Pond

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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Sea House - Review and Giveaway reminder

I love reading new books. I am also orginally from England so when I was given an opportunity from Litfuse Publicity Group to read a new book from an English author I was very interested.

Elisabeth Gifford The Sea House

This book is based on a real nineteenth-century letter to The Times in which a Scottish clergyman claimed to have seen a mermaid. I love myths about mermaids. My son loves Greek Mythology and tells me stories about the Sirens that destroy the lives of sailors out at sea.

Ruth and Michael have bought an amazing debilitated house on the edge of the Hebridean island of Harris in Scotland. It needs completely renovating and their dream is to turn it into a guest house. Ruth has some struggles she needs to over come from her past and the house holds some secrets.

There are two main characters in the book and their stories are a century apart however learning about the past can sometimes help us deal with the present.

I struggled for the first chapter or two. Books that jump between two characters are not my favorite, let alone two different time periods and three characters. However, the story really grew on me and I was intrigued as to how it was going to end. I however found the story about Reverend Alexander Ferguson a little more interesting that Ruth and Micheal's. His story was based during the in the 1860s when crofters are being forced to emigrate or die. I found the historical references and characters quite endearing.

Ferguson was conducting his own search to uncover the truth behind local legend of the selkies. It's a story about how the decisions we make can effect more than just our lives but those around us. Moira is Ferguson's maid her people are the ones being evicted.

This book was well written and by the end I really enjoyed it. However, it wasn't one that I would rave about. It was good but it took me about a week to read, which for me is a really long time. 

Don't forget to enter to win the Kindle!

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Random Five Friday - October 10

1. I think I am coming down with something. So I went to the store and stocked up on some more Emergen C and Garlic. I have been diffusing Spark Naturals - Respire Blend all day but I think I may have to change to the Spark Natural Shield Protective Blend to help everyone else in the house.

2. My Mom and Dad went away last weekend and brought my kids a little present. Captain America got this cute book called ' National Geographic Kids Weird But True #3

The kids love it and have been quoting stuff from it all week.

3. All the mined gold in the world can fill two olympic-size swimming pools (random fact)

4. Frog bones grow new rings as they age, just like trees.

5. Mosquitoes prefer to bite people with smelly feet!

I know, I know I couldn't help but share a few of the 'random facts'.

The Pebble Pond

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fortuigence - Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course {TOS Review}

Fortuigence Review

Jam recently had the chance to work with Fortunigence and take part in their Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course. 

I find writing one of the hardest subjects to teach as a home-school Mom. So when we were offered this review I was just as excited as Jam. Fortuigence offers a variety of writing courses. We had the option to choose from one of the four following options.

Essay Rock Star Personal Statement Writing Course
Essay Rock Star Persuasive Essay Writing Course
Essay Rock Star Textual Analysis Writing Course
Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course
Fortuigence Review

Since Jam is only 13 I decided that we should start with the Expository Essay. Mainly because it is the kind of essay that he will use the most in the next few years. We have of course written essays together before, but I was very interested in what an someone else thought about his writing skills.

Lily Iatridis is a former school teacher, who wanted to find a way to share her teaching skills and look after her family. She realized that she could have both, and Fortuigence was born.

Lily manages to give one on one attention to each of her students, share her teaching talents and be there to look after her family. Definitely a win-win situation for everyone.

Fortuigence writing courses are designed for Middle to High School age students. Jam is 8th grade working to a 9th grade level and so it was perfect.

When you log into the teaching website it is very straight forward to follow. Everything is numbered telling you exactly what to do.

As you can see from the screenshot above. Everything the student needs is on the page. The student clicks on each lesson, watches the video, reads the instructions (Jam likes the fact there is a audio track so you can listen along as you read).

Lesson one introduces you to the program, after which there is a link to send your pre-assessment.  Luckily we had finished an essay couple of weeks before on Jam's FAVORITE topic Greek Mythology. So we could start straight away.

How Jam completed the lessons;

1. Each lesson has a text to read. There is an audio track as well. Jam chose to listen to the track while reading the text. This is the learning section, the part where the rules are taught that need to applied to the assignment.

2. The assignment is then completed and then turned in. Jam chose to complete his essay on a word processing program. However it is also possible to complete the essay directly on the website. You can save it in just about any format so there shouldn't be a compatibility program. Although we used my email address for the response my 13 year old was able to complete his written assignment and send it for review all by himself.

3. The student then waits for the reply. This took anywhere from 24 to 48 hours and always included helpful balanced feedback. Jam then made any changes if they were suggested. Once Jam had to re-submit the essay. As soon as the essay was approved a red tick mark shows against the lesson.

4. Once the lesson and assignment are marked complete you can move on to the next lesson. Jam really liked seeing the green mark change to a red tick!

We haven't quite finished this program. Jam has submitted an assignment today and is anxiously awaiting feedback. I really have let him work at his own pace with this program. He has been conscientiously working on it every three times a week.

Jam found the examples of essays given throughout the program very helpful. It made it easier to understand the expectations. Jam thought that the information given was very clear. He also liked that fact he didn't have to wait ages to get feedback on what he wrote. Jam thought it was great that he could choose his own topic. This made it easier for him to write with confidence, because he already knew his subject matter.

Before this program Jam hadn't always planned his essays. I think he thought that this was unnecessary and a waste of his time. He told me that he now sees the benefit of this, as he liked the feeling of being organized and building on each idea.

I received all the feedback to my email on purpose. I wanted to stay in the loop. It was really hard for me not to tweak his essay or give additional feedback BUT I MANAGED IT! I always read what Jam submitted but that was it. Then when I received the feedback I read it and then hit 'forward' and sent it to Jam's email.

Jam is really enjoying this course. Our plan is to finish the last lesson next week. It's nice to hear that your child is 'enjoying' school work - especially writing. I am excited to see his final grade.

As I mentioned in the beginning there are 4 courses that can be bought individually for $57.00 each or as a set for $197.00.

Members of the crew have reviewed all four of the course so it would be worth your while to click on the link below. Make sure to follow Fortuigence on social media by clicking on the links below.

Crew Disclaimer

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Connect with Fortuigence by clicking on the links below.

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