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5 on the Fifth - Favorite Blog Posts Link-up

I am linking up with Ben and Me every month on the fifth to share with you some of my favorite blog posts of the past month. These posts are not from my blog but from those I follow and enjoy to read.

5 on the Fifth


The first post I want to share is from Teach Beside Me. This is one of the first blogs I found when I started homeschooling. I love it! We are saving up our milk jugs to make this skeleton. I will post a picture of ours when we get it finished. We think October is a perfect time to make this. However Boo is also doing Human Anatomy this yeat and so it's a fun way for her to make a cute skeleton.

Milk Jug Skeleton


A blog post that came up on my facebook page was from The blog post was called This is what brave means. It struck a cord in my heart. Many times we assume that being brave means to 'do' the scary thing. This was a great reminder that sometimes being brave means we say 'no'.

To Thine Own Self Be True


I nearly bought a math cheat sheet this year when we were starting back up. However I recently came across this really fun blog - written by a homeschooled teen. She has a free math cheat sheet available here. Pop over to and check it out!
FREE Math Cheat Sheet


I know when I started homeschooling three years ago, cost was a major factor. I was scared as we don't really have much of a budget for it. This post from Only Passionate Curiosity.
Has some really great resources for homeschooling for FREE!

Free Homeschool Curriculum 


My last link for the month (definitely not the least) is from the blog Teach me to Braid 


The post If my child marries yours is awsome. I have always thought about praying for those who my children will marry, but never thought about praying for the parents raising those children. A real heart opener.

5 on the Fifth
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