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Fortuigence - Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course {TOS Review}

Fortuigence Review

Jam recently had the chance to work with Fortunigence and take part in their Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course. 

I find writing one of the hardest subjects to teach as a home-school Mom. So when we were offered this review I was just as excited as Jam. Fortuigence offers a variety of writing courses. We had the option to choose from one of the four following options.

Essay Rock Star Personal Statement Writing Course
Essay Rock Star Persuasive Essay Writing Course
Essay Rock Star Textual Analysis Writing Course
Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course
Fortuigence Review

Since Jam is only 13 I decided that we should start with the Expository Essay. Mainly because it is the kind of essay that he will use the most in the next few years. We have of course written essays together before, but I was very interested in what an someone else thought about his writing skills.

Lily Iatridis is a former school teacher, who wanted to find a way to share her teaching skills and look after her family. She realized that she could have both, and Fortuigence was born.

Lily manages to give one on one attention to each of her students, share her teaching talents and be there to look after her family. Definitely a win-win situation for everyone.

Fortuigence writing courses are designed for Middle to High School age students. Jam is 8th grade working to a 9th grade level and so it was perfect.

When you log into the teaching website it is very straight forward to follow. Everything is numbered telling you exactly what to do.

As you can see from the screenshot above. Everything the student needs is on the page. The student clicks on each lesson, watches the video, reads the instructions (Jam likes the fact there is a audio track so you can listen along as you read).

Lesson one introduces you to the program, after which there is a link to send your pre-assessment.  Luckily we had finished an essay couple of weeks before on Jam's FAVORITE topic Greek Mythology. So we could start straight away.

How Jam completed the lessons;

1. Each lesson has a text to read. There is an audio track as well. Jam chose to listen to the track while reading the text. This is the learning section, the part where the rules are taught that need to applied to the assignment.

2. The assignment is then completed and then turned in. Jam chose to complete his essay on a word processing program. However it is also possible to complete the essay directly on the website. You can save it in just about any format so there shouldn't be a compatibility program. Although we used my email address for the response my 13 year old was able to complete his written assignment and send it for review all by himself.

3. The student then waits for the reply. This took anywhere from 24 to 48 hours and always included helpful balanced feedback. Jam then made any changes if they were suggested. Once Jam had to re-submit the essay. As soon as the essay was approved a red tick mark shows against the lesson.

4. Once the lesson and assignment are marked complete you can move on to the next lesson. Jam really liked seeing the green mark change to a red tick!

We haven't quite finished this program. Jam has submitted an assignment today and is anxiously awaiting feedback. I really have let him work at his own pace with this program. He has been conscientiously working on it every three times a week.

Jam found the examples of essays given throughout the program very helpful. It made it easier to understand the expectations. Jam thought that the information given was very clear. He also liked that fact he didn't have to wait ages to get feedback on what he wrote. Jam thought it was great that he could choose his own topic. This made it easier for him to write with confidence, because he already knew his subject matter.

Before this program Jam hadn't always planned his essays. I think he thought that this was unnecessary and a waste of his time. He told me that he now sees the benefit of this, as he liked the feeling of being organized and building on each idea.

I received all the feedback to my email on purpose. I wanted to stay in the loop. It was really hard for me not to tweak his essay or give additional feedback BUT I MANAGED IT! I always read what Jam submitted but that was it. Then when I received the feedback I read it and then hit 'forward' and sent it to Jam's email.

Jam is really enjoying this course. Our plan is to finish the last lesson next week. It's nice to hear that your child is 'enjoying' school work - especially writing. I am excited to see his final grade.

As I mentioned in the beginning there are 4 courses that can be bought individually for $57.00 each or as a set for $197.00.

Members of the crew have reviewed all four of the course so it would be worth your while to click on the link below. Make sure to follow Fortuigence on social media by clicking on the links below.

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