Friday, October 17, 2014

Random Five Friday October 17 2014

The Pebble Pond1. I am taking Captain America on a date today - with no big kids. We are going to see Seussical
at a local University. He is SO excited.

 Seussical (logo).png

2. Captain America got his new prescription swim goggles today. If you have been around a while you will know that he has amblyopia. His prescription is +5.75 in his weaker eye and +3.00 in his good eye. Yesterday the coach said she thinks he is swimming straighter already! We have only used these goggle for two days but so far for the price I am impressed. Plus they came with free shipping, and it was quite fast considering it was overseas. I am not an affiliate and this is not a paid promotion. However, I like to give credit where credits due and my experience with Goggles and More has been excellent so far.

3. I am seriously thinking of changing the name of this blog. Why you may ask...well I named it when I was being least creative. Plus we used to have chickens and bunnies. Well the only thing that's true about it now is that we still homeschool. So I have been thinking of some names that make more watch this space!!!

4. My husband says that my oldest can't go trick or treating this year. He says he is too old. I wondered what other people do. We never grew up with trick or treating so it's not as ingrained in our culture. "Penny for the Guy" anyone :)

5. My husband has been away on business for a couple of days. I have noticed (even though all three kids would deny it) that they are messier when Dad's away. Obviously I need to crack the whip more :)

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The Pebble Pond

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