Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Promise - Beth Wiseman - Review and Giveaway Reminder

I love reading! I read whenever I get the chance. However, I am sure that you agree some books suck you in quicker than others. This is one of those books. Honestly I was drawn into the story within minutes.


The story starts with a flash back to a 17 year old Mallory. Her cousin is dying and she is a match, however her parents refuse to give permission for her to donate. She makes a promise to herself that she would save a life to make up for the fact she was unable to save her cousin. The story jumps forward Twelve years and Mallory now works in a Doctors office. She still feels that she still owes her cousin, and is desperate to help save a life in her memory. However now she has her boyfriend Tate to think of too.

Tate is a Christian and very clear about his relationship with God he is a devoted Catholic and wants to lead a good life. Mallory is not religious and has no need (as she sees it) for God in her life. The relationship seemed a little to 'free' for my liking I would have preferred a more chaste leading man since he was painted in such a religious manner.

When Mallory is given the opportunity to save a life, she jumps at the chance. Even if it means traveling to a dangerous area of Pakistan, becoming familiar with the Qur'an and marrying someone she has never met except via Skype (apparently it happens more than you think!). Although Mallory thinks she is doing good, she doesn't trust those who really love her (mainly because she knows they would disprove). Her character is a little selfish, even though her goal is to save a life, she seems to be doing it for selfish reasons - to make herself feel better and get rid of her guilt.

This book is based on a true story and I really enjoyed it. Some parts of the story were obvious to me and I kept wanting to shout "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!"

If you like action and adventure you will have to get through the first half of the book that sets the scene and introduces the whirlwind that is the second half of the book.

I do think that Beth Wiseman did an excellent job with this story. It has a Christian undertone but not in a over powering way. The characters have real struggles and yet are willing to step up and do what they think is right to help others - in more way than one. The book introduces us to different cultures and it's amazing what it accepted as 'normal' in other cultures.

My adrenaline was definitely going at the end.

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The Promise Beth Wiseman

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