Saturday, November 1, 2014

Holy Tabbs Preach My Gospel Scripture Indexing System - Review and Giveaway

I have been working on a new scripture indexing system for a couple of months from a really cool company called Holy Tabbs.

I received a kit for my regular size quad and have been very impressed with the system.

What comes in the set:

- Durable vinyl HolyTabbs skin
- 384 adhesive Tabbs for easy Tabbing
- Transparent straight edge to help you easily mark your scriptures
- User guide
- Scripture Library of 495 scriptures, not listed in Preach My Gospel

I really liked this product. I wish I had it a few years ago when I taught seminary and youth Sunday School. However I have been getting a lot of use out of it while preparing lessons for my Young Womens calling.

The system is really easy to set up. I drew little lines down the side of my scriptures - as you can tell mine have seen better days - BUT I don't want to replace them, they have seen me through 6 years of early morning seminary, 4 years of Primary President, 18 months as Youth Sunday School Teacher and are now on 12 months + of Young Womens President. There is a lot of memories and markings in these babies! However brand spanking new scriptures would make this process easier. BUT just think how straight and boring that would be :)

Anyway after sticking in the front sticker containing all the scriptures and drawing your lines (you could just eyeball it too, but I needed all the help I could get with my wonky scriptures. You then mark each scripture according to the chapter in Preach My Gospel.

It took me a long time to do. Not because it's hard but because I work part-time, home-school three kids and am YW President. Plus I didn't want to make any mistakes and I wanted to mark each scripture correctly.

As you can see it looks pretty good - but I am sure you can imagine those little cute dots on a clean set of scriptures. This is just the picture from one side of my scriptures. I now have those cute stickers all the way round linking up with the larger sticker in the front of my scriptures.

So I have a great treat for you. HolyTabbs is willing to give a set of these to one of my readers - Isn't that cool!

Just complete the entry form below and BOOM it might be your lucky day. Or your good give it to someone - I know Jam really wanted this for himself and since he will be starting seminary next year I may have to get another copy just for him!



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  1. This looks fantastic! I'd love to win!

  2. Oops...didn't see the requirements before. My favorite scripture is Mosiah 2:41 :)

  3. It depends on what is going on in my life at the time. Today it is Ether the whole 12th chapter. The whole thing talks about Faith and that is what I need in my life right now.

  4. Peace I leave with you. My peace I give unto you. Not as the world giveth give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled. Neither let it be afraid.


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