Friday, January 9, 2015

Random Five Friday January 9th 2015

1. Today was pizza day and movie night. We love pizza but prefer to make it ourselves and become quite a dab hand at it. I make the crust and hubby puts on the toppings etc. We have it down to a fine art!

2. Our favorite toppings are pepperoni and onion (for Captain America and Boo) and Chicken Bar-be-Cue and jalapenos or pepperoni, onion and jalapenos for everyone else.

3. I have always had really short ugly nails so when I was out today with my Jamberry's on and I got a compliment on my nails I was amazed! I am having a Jamberry party on Facebook and my consultant Ellen Pool has been awesome!

4. It has been a great week of school. Boo studied all about Niagara Falls and how people would go over the side in barrels. It'd funny because we took them there and rode on the Maid of the Mist when they were younger but of course they can't remember anything except the pictures.

5. Captain America was really sad this week as his Nexus 7 died. We had purchased the protection plan but couldn't find one for the same price. So we got a cheaper pad in the mail and hoping it will hold up to his use. It's a RCA Quad Core 8G a lot smaller than the 32G he is used to but at least it runs google play and is a quad core. We use Kids Zone app on it. He wanted the version that came with a case and keyboard. We chose this one (well my techie husband did) because it's only $69.99 and a quad core plus has a SD card slot for movies.

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