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Word Up Video - The FUN way to learn Latin and Greek word roots {A Review}

Jam and Boo have been learning Latin for a few years now. They have lessons on Skype with their Nana in England.

It all started with out visit to England. We did a lot of travelling and every now and again Nana would say 'did you know that word comes from the Latin word meaning'. After a while I thought that Nana seemed to really liked talking to the kids about Latin roots. Since the kids don't see their Nana and Grandpa as often as we would like I asked Nana if she would like to teach the kids via Skype.

We got hold of the same book and BOOM! Latin lessons every Monday morning were born.

When I was approached by Compass Classroom to review the first volume of their Latin and Greek videos Word-UP The Vocab Show I was really excited.

To say this was a hit is an understatement. All three of my kids love it. In fact the first week or two anyone who arrived at the house was forced to watch at least one episode! After that they normally watched more very willingly. They even sat my husband down and insisted he watch one show. They ended up watching 4 before it was time to turn off and go to bed.

Each video includes the following;

10 Video Lessons (12-15 minutes each) 20 Latin and Greek Roots 

200+ English Words

Links to online Vocabulary Flash Cards 

If you don't believe how fun these shows are check out the link below.

Dwayne Thomas is the funny guy in the video. The kids love him, and if we didn't learn Latin with Nana we would definitely be using the Visual Latin program. I know a lot of people who use it and everyone loves it.

Why is it so appealing - Well Dwayne Thomas makes it fun for a start, and secondly it's done in the style of a corny game show. You know the kind that you DON"T let your kids watch - only this time you do :)

The historical and scientific explanations are also given (in a way that the kids learn without switching off!)

Boo had been having a conversation with her Grandma about the Hydrangea plant. She was so excited to learn the root name and be able to tell Grandma what she had learned. (she laughed and laughed when he made the joke that all Grandmothers have them).

Compass Classroom are so generous, that you can download the first two episodes here for free.

I haven't made my kids use the online flash cards yet, but I will during the summer when our schedule is slower. Captain America (who hasn't had any Latin lessons yet) has also picked up a lot of the vocabulary just from watching.

The topics covered on the first DVD/Download are

  1. Water - Aqua & Hydra
  2. Write - Scribo & Grapho
  3. Earth - Terra & Geo
  4. Many - Multus & Poly
  5. Place - Ponere & Thesis
  6. Time - Tempus & Chronos
  7. Good - Bonus & Eu
  8. See - Video & Skopeo
  9. Throw - Iacere & Ballein
  10. City - Urbs & Polis
We received the download version, but it's also available as a DVD and costs $15. If you buy the download version you also have the option just to stream the videos.

We all love these videos and are looking forward to the next one!

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