Sunday, February 22, 2015

Quaker Steel Cut Oats - BuzzAgent Review

I recently received a box of Quaker Steel Cut Oats from Buzz Agent. I haven't bought oatmeal for a while because my kids go in fits and starts with breakfast. However my breakfast fussy 6 year old was the first to eat it. It received two thumbs up from him.

This morning after being away for a week, we had no milk. However breakfast wasn't an issue because I remember we had some of this oatmeal left and it was a perfect opportunity to get everyone else to try it.

When you cook it (on 50% power) it comes out a little sloppy - but don't worry. Check out my video to see the difference 2 minutes can make.

The older kids were a little dubious that oatmeal would taste nice made just with water, and since the instructions on this oatmeal said it must be made with water it was perfect!

The kids liked it. We would definitely recommend it!

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