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Circle C Milestones - Thick as Thieves {TOS Review}

If you have been around for a while, you know how much we enjoy reading books. We lean towards a living curriculum and so whenever we get the chance to read a new book we always jump at it. We were offered the first book in a new series Circle C Milestones called Thick of Thieves  by Susan K. Marlow and the downloadable study guide that goes with it.

When this book first arrived in the mail Boo was actually in the middle of another book, and I had just finished one. So I got to read it first.

The book itself is very well written set in the 1800's and based on life, horses and adventure in California. Andrea 'Andi' Carter is the youngest in her family and lives on a ranch in California. Based on the times they live very comfortably and Andi has many opportunities including the opportunity to get into mischief. When a new girl comes to her school, she is assigned the seat next to Andi this leads to the start of adventures and growing experiences for 14 year old Andi. The book is geared to ages 12+ and I must admit I think I enjoyed this book as much as Boo when she read it. I think it took me a day to read (I never seem to be able to put a good book down when I start one) and Boo read it in about the same time. In fact she insisted that she needed to read it constantly - with it being for a review etc she said it was very important to be dedicated to the reading.

The book comes with a 40 page downloadable study guide with enrichment activities, comprehension questions, vocabulary and topic discussions. The study guide was written by the author Susan K. Marlow and Boo actually completed this guide as well. It is suggested that the study guide could be approached in two ways.

1. Read each chapter and complete the part of the guide.
2. Read the whole book and then work on the study guide after.

Boo had already read a couple of chapters before she remembered about the study guide and so decided to wait until she had finished reading - mainly because she was already caught up in the story and didn't want to stop.

Boo loves horses even though we don't live in a house that allows us to own one she does have a lot of friends that do. She loved learning about the different terminology in the book related to 'foaling' and 'training' horses. Each topic found in the book is discussed in the study guide from horses to lice and everything in-between.

I love this book and would recommend it. It contains a perfect balance of adventure and examples of moral behavior. It also is a fun way to learn about US History and what life was like in the 1880's. In fact my daughter spent a lot of time adding all of the 'Circle C Milestone' books to her wishlist, and is really looking forward to the next in the series - she has already read the excerpt of Heartbreak Trail that is available on the website.

If you have a daughter who loves adventure and horses this is the perfect book - plus you know they are not reading anything inappropriate. It's getting harder and harder to find good, wholesome books for the younger pre-teen/teen age group. This definitely fits the bill! Boo is even going to try and get hold of the earlier Circle C books - Yes that's right if you are the parent of younger kids there are series before this one (one where Andi is 6 and one where she is 12), plus their is also a series for boys! Make sure you check them out!

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  1. Howdy, and thanks for your enthusiastic review of Thick as Thieves. I hope this is not a duplicate comment (delete one if it is, LOL). I love seeing pictures of your reader too! I'm so glad you and Boo enjoyed the book!
    Boo might enjoy behind the scenes of the Andi books at Andi's blog.

  2. I just noticed that you have the AJTL lapbook graphic on your sidebar. I LOVE AJTL lapbook! They created the lapbooks for my Andrea Carter younger series--as enrichment for all of the books.


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