Friday, March 13, 2015

Random Five March 13 2015

1. This week has been great - until last night. We had planned to go to the Zoo today with my sister and her kids as they are on spring break. Until Captain threw up - twice. Luckily he is a star and ALWAYS makes it in the bucket, but still Zoo day cancelled. We woke up this morning to grey/rainy yuck so as it happens he's not that disappointed anymore - especially since we re-scheduled to next week.

2. I made this amazing recipe this week. I found it in a coupon book of all places. We made a couple of additions. However, I can say that everyone loves it. Including my fish hating Jam. I thought I would share - because I'm kind like that!

 3. Boo and I are going to the movies tonight to see Cinderella with friends. We don't go to the movies often as we normally wait for DVD so hopefully it will be good!

4. Since Captain was sick yesterday he's having an easy day today - playdoh.

 5. We are on count down now for our visitors from England! The kids can't wait till Nana and Grandpa arrive.

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  1. How was Cinderella?? I think I am going to take my daughters this week because we are on Spring Break. I want to see it really, really bad and I heard it was "magical"!

    1. Cinderella was good. its a mixture of some of the other Cinderella's I've seen. Boo really liked it. Her dress is amazingly. The ugly sisters were cast perfectly. Funny seeing Helen B Carter as a 'good' witch :). Boo did say it's not as exciting as some movies because you know the story...yep its Cinderella!

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