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Memoria Press New American Cursive - Workbook One {TOS - Review}

Memoria Press Review

Memoria Press Review

Captain has just about mastered manuscript writing - well at least when he decides to spend the time to make it neat. I asked him when this review became available if he was interested in learning cursive. He said that he wasn't sure about the cursive but he loved the Meerkat on the cover and that sold him. We received a copy of the New American Cursive Penmanship Program Book 1 by Memoria Press.

Like I mentioned above the Meerkat featured throughout the book was a huge hit with Captain. Mr Meerkat is featured throughout the book and introduces the new writing concepts. The cursive in the book is introduced in a very clear concise way. The book starts with introducing each of the alphabet formations and Mr Meerkat teaches how to write each letter and the order in which to form the letters. Captain insisted I use a funny voice whenever I read the if I was Mr Meerkat. He really got into the concept and it made him focus a little more on the formation of the letters.

I hadn't used New American Cursive before, but I was very impressed with how well Captain picked it up. Some of the letters were a little hard for him, but with a little practice he even managed the capital G that really frustrated him when he first tried.

Some of you might think but Captain is only 6 why does he need to learn cursive. The Memoria Press website has a link to which explains the benefits of learning cursive, you can read it here.

What I loved about New American Cursive

- Designed specifically for 1st grade
- Not too frilly - unnecessary strokes have been eliminated (26 less strokes than top 3 most common     cursive programs
- Still looks like classic cursive
- Natural right slant makes if easier
- simple clear and effective
- teaching guide is included

Since Boo and Jam both went to public school until 2nd and 4th grade they didn't learn cursive until 3rd grade. Jam still struggles with it and has honestly formed his own style of writing which is a blend of cursive and print. Boo managed to conquer cursive however I think she would have found it easier if we had started earlier and used the New American Cursive style which has been analysed for clarity, speed and ease of learning.

I am definitely going to be working on this handwriting style with Captain from now on. I love the look of it, classic cursive without being too frilly. The book includes a teaching guide before the student materials start. There are notes made on posture, pencil position, and paper position. Each letter is broken down into three exercises. The first is 'instruction', this section shows you how to form the letter using numbered arrows. The second section is 'practice' where the child traces each letter and writes them twice. The next exercise is called 'play' there are a few practice letters and then space for artwork or letter formation.

Handwriting is definitely important. I know when I was a child my Mom used to get me to write and write to practice, my Mother-in-law has said the same. Copy-work and handwriting practice also introduce spelling concepts. I know as Captain has been working through this book and noticed the word spelled out on each of the handwriting pages -B- Bat, C - Cat, D- Dog etc...

Captain had his favorite pages of course. He loved the practice pages, which included space for him to draw a picture. What six year old needs an excuse to draw Ninja Turtles and sea creatures. I loved that these pages came along every few pages as a 'break' in the writing practice. They could have been used to practice forming letters or drawing. Captain chose 'drawing'. This is a very classical way of teaching cursive and I love it. We do a lot of copy work and it's an excellent way to improve handwriting. I have looked at the other books and they also look really good. They focus on copywork based on scripture and famous Americans. They also offer a NAC Start-Write CD program which allows you to print out your own worksheets.

Connect with the company via their social media links below to learn about some of their other awesome products. Plus just for a heads up we will have some more products from Memoria Press being reviewed in a few weeks.


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Memoria Press Review

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