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FishFlix Media - DVD Review - Flight and Metamorphosis {TOS REVIEW CREW}

FishFlix.com Review

We love movies and documentaries. I love being able to put in a DVD when we are all feeling under the weather and still feel like we are learning something. FishFlix.com is a really cool company that sells Christian movies. I was sent two DVDs to review Flight and Metamorphosis.

When this review became available there was a list of quite a few DVDs that were available for review. Besides the two that I received to review there are some other awesome titles that are being reviewed by other crew members.

Exploring Ephesus - City of Apostles
Torchlighters John Wesley DVD
Privileged Species
Unbroken DVD Legacy of Faith Edition

I was thrilled to be chosen to review Flight and Metamorphosis and so were the kids. They actually arrived in perfect timing for the only week we were sick all year. Everyone one was sick, including my Mother in Law visiting from England.

So we were really excited and decided watching on of them would be a perfect afternoon activity.

Captain chose Flight first. This is an amazing wildlife documentary. This DVD uses a Christian viewpoint and steers clear of Darwin evolution. The filming in the movie is amazing and very dramatic. We were completely in awe. We were all transfixed and thought it was amazing. There are so many details given in the movie and interviews with experts explaining lots of science. I don't want to spoil it for you. However, I have to say the quality of this production is definitely up there with the best. It contains photos from all over the world from England to Peru. There are parts of the DVD when amazing computer technology allows concepts to be explained in ways that all can understand. If you have ever wondered how birds fly, why their wings are the built the way they are, how they soar and SO MUCH MORE. This is a video that we will definitely come back to over and over. Captain told me after we watched it that it went perfectly with his science study. We are using Apologia Flying Creatures at the moment and have just completed a few chapters on birds and feathers and how things worked. It's amazing to add so much knowledge when kids think they are 'relaxing' because they are sick. In fact the very next day he grabbed his science book and lapbook and asked if we could do a chapter, as the DVD had inspired him (Got to love 6 year olds).

The second DVD we watched was called Metamorphosis The beauty and design of butterflies. I have an affinity with butterflies. My oldest daughter who passed away when she was three LOVED them. In fact one came and stayed on her casket the day we buried her all the way through the grave side service. They always bring me peace and are so beautiful. I was thrilled to get this DVD and after watching the first DVD about birds I knew I was going to love it.

I was definitely not disappointed. The photography in the DVD is beyond compare. I don't think I have seen such a beautiful DVD about butterflies. My husband, kids, and I sat without moving for the whole hour (64 minute approx) and we were all completely transfixed. The DVD shows every stage of a butterflies life cycle in so much detail it's amazing. It follows from the pin-prick sized egg to the munching creepy caterpillar (yes, they really crunch!) to the emerging beautiful butterfly. The DVD talks about the miracle of the butterfly finding the right plant to lay her eggs, it's journey across the world to somewhere they have never been before. This DVD had me racking my brain as to where our butterfly net is (I hate moving and losing things) because the kids really want to do the 'Butterfly Garden' again.

These movies are a priceless addition to our DVD collection. I know they will be watched over and over.

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You really need to check out the other reviews - it's easy just click on the link below. I am sure the other DVDs were just as magnificent.

FishFlix.com Review

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