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PianoWithWillie - JazzEdge {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

Piano is a very important part of our life. I learned to play the piano as a child however, due to bad decisions on my part I still can't play more than a few notes with my right hand. My husband is the same - his Mom can play and arranged for him to have piano lessons. He decided that he would rather play soccer and so he quite piano lessons. When we first got married we decided that it was a priority that our kids can play piano. I was offered a year's Studio Membership of PianoWithWillie  from JazzEdge and we have spent the last few weeks incorporating into Boo's piano practice routine.

JazzEdge  Review

Since moving house a couple of years ago we now live a two hour return journey from our piano teacher. However, the kids didn't want to find a new teacher so instead of having lessons once a week we have lessons every other week and we drive an hour each way. We love our piano teacher but it's always good to have more practice. Boo agreed to review PianoWithWillie as it's not for beginner's and if truth be told she can play the piano the best although we actually have 3 piano players.

JazzEdge  Review

Boo has recently started playing the piano with a group of adults practicing for some different performances - mainly at Christmas. She will be playing the piano and the others will be playing a variety of other instruments including the violin, flute, and double bass. She is having to learn how to improvise and adapt which is very good for her playing. So she was hoping that Piano with Willie would help her learn to play the piano in this way. It's also a good way to research and teach herself aspects of piano that she may have missed. Boo has been playing since Kindergarten and yet she is still very nervous when it comes to piano theory so that's where we focused with this program.

With the studio membership we have;

Unlimited access to lesson chapters
Instant access from any device ( We have used laptops, Nexus 7, and a Kindle Fire HD)
All styles of music from jazz to classical and everything in-between
Live chat with the support team (used this a couple of times - very helpful)
Downloadable MP3 & MIDI tracks with sheet music
30 day, Piano success guarantee.

It was suggested that we started with the My Piano Success 30-day success plan. We started working on this but Boo found it a little too easy.

After we completed the first two lessons we contacted the support chat and asked where we should go next. They recommended that we complete the assessment and then we could get a lesson plan.

The assessment is a 22 point questionnaire. You answer all sorts of questions related to your piano experience and knowledge and then a lesson plan (or more than one) is created for you. Boo was very specific on what she wanted to focus on. She wanted to review theory and classical style to start with.

Boo wanted to concentrate on music theory and that was just what her plan contained.

Each lesson has a downloadable sheet music file which really enhances the lesson.

At first look this program/website seems a little awkward to find your way around. However, it really just takes a little getting used to. Boo and I thought the online chat help was amazing and they really helped us navigate the program. Once we did that it was quite simple to follow the plan. Once done you can retake the assessment at anytime choosing different preferences to obtain an endless mixture of lessons. Since we have this program for a year I am tempted to try it for myself. However I would have to use the 30-day lesson plan.

The world is changing, we are using so many online tools for learning now, so why not the piano.

The crew have been reviewing a couple of different products DrumsWithWillie and Easy Piano Basics so definitely click on the link below to check them out!

JazzEdge Review
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