Friday, May 1, 2015

Random Five Friday May 1st 2015

1.I can't believe it's the first of May! This year seems to be going SO fast. We are going to start working on our pool soon, I can't wait till it's open again.

2. I have been a BuzzAgent for a few years and I LOVE it. I have been able to try out a lot of new products. My latest 'Buzz' is for Glad Order Shield with Gain Scent. I seriously love these. If you have a stinky trash can (like me) they are excellent at neutralizing odors and they smell great! They are sold exclusively at Walmart, Target, Dollar General, and Family Dollar.

3. My older two kids are running a 5K tomorrow. I drove them out for a practice on Thursday. Hubby was supposed to run with them but he is still in pain with his pulled muscle. Boo says Dad really pushes her on and helps her so hopefully she will be OK tomorrow. Jam didn't run the last one but he decided to give it ago this time.

4. We have some great reviews coming up soon. I spent the afternoon working with Captain on one, and then another turned up in the mail. Captain loved the look of it!

5. The weather has been so beautiful today we have had the windows open all day. Although I had a bad allergy day yesterday it's been fine today even with the windows open - go figure?

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  1. Did they run in GOTR? We were there. It was my first 5K and I loved it!

  2. YES! Jam got Gold in 14-18 boys and Boo did better than last year. Both were around 30 minutes which considering they are swimmers not runners (although we are going to start running on their off days from swim practice!). I thought I saw you!


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