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Circle C Adventures (Susan K Marlow) {TOS Review}

We recently had the opportunity to review Tales from the Circle C Ranch from Circle C Adventures and the Andrea Carter's Tales from the Circle C Ranch Learning Lapbook that compliments the book.

Boo loves books and horses. She has often asked if we could get one. (I don't think the HOA would appreciate that). My parents had a horse for a little while and their stories were enough to put me off (too much like hard work!). We also have friends with horses so I figure she can get her fix that way. Another thing Boo loves is to read. Seriously, sometimes I have had to stop myself from saying 'OK, that's it no more reading for the whole day' - seriously who does that! Me - almost - until I think to myself' 'You're going to stop her from reading - really'.

We reviewed another book in the Circle C Adventures earlier this year Thick as Thieves and Boo loved it so when the opportunity came up to read this one she jumped at the chance.

 Tales from the Circle C Ranch is a selection of short stories that all feature Andrea Carter (known as Andi for short). You meet all of the family. Which was nice because it took us back in time a little from the Thick of Thieves book that we had read before. Because it's a series of short adventures it was perfect for Boo to take on vacation with us. Sometimes when she's reading a long book she stays focused on it for a long time. The shorter stories in the book allowed her to stop reading and join in with whatever we were doing while traveling.

In the beginning the book takes us back to the early years of Andi's life. Although it may seen common to us for little girls to were pants (trousers where I am from) it really wasn't in the time of Andi. The year is 1873 and little girls definitely didn't wear britches...unless you were very poor and there wasn't a choice. In the first story called 'Britches Are Not For Little Girls' we find out why Andi started to where britches and how she convinces her parents she should.

Other stories in the book take us to a 1874 Christmas, Summer excitement, Snow etc. The beginning of each story tells you where it fits in with the other full books of the series. For example the chapter 'Prince Loco, Chad's Loco Horse' tells us it takes place a few weeks after the book 'Andrea and the Long Ride Home'. Boo really liked this as she would really like to get her hands on the whole series now.

We are quite accustomed to lapbooks. Over the last few years the kids have done quite a few. We also received the 'A Journey Through Learning Lapbook' that goes with this book. I have used lapbooks from them before and have never been disappointed. We received a printable E-book version and although it is in color it works perfectly when printed in black and white. I normally print in black and white however sometimes there is the odd page that I think really needs to be printed in color. This is what happen when I printed this book. Most of the sheets were done in black and white, but a couple I printed with our color printer for the effect.

Boo was really a little old for this lapbook but it really didn't stop her. She enjoyed it and said she learned a few new things. She found it interesting to look for facts in the book. We completed the lapbook in almost one sitting after she read the book. However it is set up that it could be done chapter by chapter which would probably work better for younger students. In fact you could use each chapter as a unit study and really go to town working on each topic. Boo took it more as a review of information she had already learned.

The book and lapbook together are a great way to learn about US History and life in the 1880s. It is the perfect blend of ranching, California history, and Christian fiction rolled into one. I love having books that I don't have to worry about content and that my kids will learn something from as well as practice reading skills, and well just have fun with.

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  1. Thanks, Lisa, for your fun review of Tales. I always love to see pictures, and that was a good idea about the lapbook (using both B/W and color). I'm glad you enjoyed the stories!


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