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CTCMath Review

I recently received a 12 Month Family plan subscription to CTC Math to review. I love this program and so do all my kids. The family plan can be used by up to ten children which is an awesome deal! Last year I reviewed the program with my kids you can see my last review here.

During the review period Captain has been able to use this program almost completely independently. He has been working on first grade and really loves it. The fun part of him working independently is that he can jump around the schedule and do what he feels like that day. As you can see by the screenshots of his progress over the last few weeks.

When the student has completed the section the check mark appears on the left hand side. Until then the orange line shows the percentage of the work completed.

This program is really simple to use.

 When a child signs into his account for the first time they are met with this screen.

It doesn't really matter what grade the child is doing at this point. However, since this is Captain's the 1st grade tab is slightly darker than the others since that's what he is working on. After clicking on a particular grade the stream becomes visible (again in my picture it's the first grade stream). You them click on the first stream to see the individual topics. This is where the child starts working (preferably in order - unlike Captain).

When you start a new topic you come to a screen similar to the one below. I chose to take a screen shot of Captain's Multiplication topic as he hasn't started that section yet.

When you get to a new topic you have a few choices.

1. Take the Standard Test
2. Take the Comprehensive Test
3. Skip the tests and start with the lessons.

When we reviewed this last year, Captain had already been working through a different Kindergarten Math program so we sometimes tested out of areas he already knew. This time however, I have been making sure he just worked through the lessons instead of doing the tests first. They are really there to test your knowledge of the subject matter. If you ace them, you could move on to the next subject.


When you click on a lesson window - no matter what grade it is a video window opens up.

Again this lesson is for the first section of Grade one Multiplication. after watching the four minute video the child can click on 'lesson summary' which shows an overview of what the video taught. This can be printed our for the child to refer to during the question section if needed. We haven't had the need to print any of these out for Captain. If this is not required the child can then click on 'Questions'.

The questions for the younger grades are done as an interactive quiz. The child reads the question and then puts the answer in the box, and hits submits. This is the set up until the end of 6th grade.

After the quiz the child has finished the quiz he submits it and it is graded automatically The student is then give  certificate showing his level or he may need to retake. The certificates come in four levels.

 Jam and Boo are both working on levels above Grade 6 so some of the procedures change a little.

The lessons are the same and the format looks the same until it is time to work on the questions. Both Jam and Boo print out a question sheet and then work out the answers before submitting them on the website.

The picture on the left is an example of the question sheet. As you can see there is an answer key Jam really likes this features but it helps him know if he is way off base. If his answer is not on the answer key he knows he has to go rework the question. After they are satisfied with their answers they go back to the website and enter their answers. Again the answers are instantly graded.

Don't forget the speed skills section. This section works like some of the math games you can find online. However, it's included in the program for you.

There are 4 levels each one progressively getting harder.

All of my kids like this program. Apart from the regular struggles that come with just doing Math (I still wish my plan of marrying a math man and having super 'mathy' kids had worked out) I never hear any moans about working with this program. In fact when Jam heard that CTC Math was back as a review option he was REALLY excited. Remember CTC Math is not Common Core aligned. I like it because it's like having our own personal math tutor.

I forgot to tell you what CTC Math covers.

Check CTC math out on Facebook HERE.

If you want to hear more about how others used this program click on the graphic below.

CTCmath Review
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