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Memoria Press - Famous Men of Rome {TOS REVIEW}

Memoria Press Review

Memoria Press is one of my favorite home-school companies. I have used a lot of their products from handwriting to history. Boo is studying Roman and Greek history next school year and as she has finished her history for this year I jumped at the chance to review their Famous Men of Rome Set.

Jam loves Greek and Roman history and has studied it whenever he gets his chance. So I was tempted to give it to him to use. However the program is recommended for grades 4-8 and so it fit perfectly for Boo who will be going into 7th next year. I wanted to encourage her even though Jam would have eaten up the other curriculum being reviewed by some other members of the crew The Book of Ancient Romans. Boo wouldn't have stood a chance if we had received that I think Jam would have tackled her for it. 

We received the Famous Men of Rome Set which includes the Student Guide, Text, and Teacher Manual. There are other things available flashcards, and an e-book.

Boo has been working on this for the last few weeks and absolutely loves it. The curriculum is broken up into 30 stories of of famous men from Rome. The stories included in the book cover all of ancient Rome's history from it's creation to its demise.

The course itself is designed to last one school year. There are 30 lessons in total and they all include an assortment of activities from map-work to vocabulary.                  

The teacher guide starts with a really good breakdown of how to use it.

The lessons are broken down into groups of five, after which there is a review and test. The tests are only found in the teacher manual so I added those onto Boo's schedule if not she would have just just kept going. She works very independently and loves the layout of the lessons. The teacher guide also includes the answers to all of the questions in the student consumable workbook. So make sure you keep it in a separate place.

I will break down a lesson for you so you can see how it works.

The first first thing Boo did was to read the corresponding story to the chapter she was working on. So for chapter one she read page 5-10 in the text.


This is the first section in the student workbook and reminds the student of some of the main information in the story. You could read this before or after the text but Boo liked to read it after. There are no questions for the student, just facts that need to be memorized.


This section contains new or unusual vocabulary included in that weeks reading. The student finds the meaning of the word in the sentence that is bold. There are certain words that are marked with a * these words are specialized for Roman history or Latin. The definitions are in the teacher manual.


The next section is made up of comprehension questions for the text. There are roughly 6 questions included and they allow the student to explain in writing what they read. It also helps to identify whether they understand the story. There are answers to these questions in the teacher manual.


This section contains activity ideas that correlate with the read. For example in chapter one Boo drew a family tree including some of the characters in the text, Identified some places on a map of Ancient Rome plus others. Some of the activities lend themselves to more of a composition assignment. These are marked with an * too to make it easier for you when deciding which of these activities to cover.

At the back of the student workbook you will find a Roman history timeline, maps, Excerpts from Horatius at the Bridge, a essay on Rome and America that talks about the influence the civilization of Rome as on the US, and of course a pronunciation guide (we used this a lot).

Boo loved this program, she wasn't keen on all of the death and killing in this time period. However she loves the layout of this program really enjoys it. She loved the maps and bright artwork included in the text.

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Memoria Press Review
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