Friday, June 26, 2015

Random Five Friday June 26th

1. Coming home from vacation is always very sad.
2. Jam went on a high adventure this week.  It's been weird without him here. The first day he had an argument with a bolder and got a really bad black eye.
3. We have spent the day playing a math game we received to review 'Shape Whiz' we have played it a lot and the first thing we did when Dad got home was to make him play it too.
4. Captain and Boo have another swim meet tomorrow.  It will be Captain's 2nd ever meet and he is SO excited.
5. I am starting to get next year's curriculum organized. I can't believe I will have a 9th grader.
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  1. Oh no! Poor kiddo!! I hope he is still able to fully enjoy his adventure. :) I'm so jealous of y'all girls on the Simply Fun review! We love games!

    Visiting from the Random 5 linkup. :) Have a blessed weekend!


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