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CursiveLogic {TOS Review}

When I was younger I can remember spending hours practicing cursive at home after school, as can my husband. Our parents thought handwriting was very important. Despite this I have to admit I would like better handwriting, it's turned into a combination of styles into my own mix. When I first heard about CursiveLogic I was intrigued. Although I wanted to work through the CursiveLogic workbook myself, I decided to give it a tougher challenge - my 14 year old. Jam's writing is not awful, but it's definitely not cursive. I have tried and tried but he always goes back to what he says is easier. He seems to find it too much trouble to put cursive lessons into practice in everyday writing.

So what is the Cursive Logic Workbook. It is a combined teacher's and student workbook containing step-by-step instructions for teaching cursive the CursiveLogic way. It includes student lessons, practice, sheets, and dry-erase surface pages. The lessons are suitable or adaptable to most students 7 years old through adult.

I have used many cursive programs with Jam. The main difference I have found with this program is that instead of relying on rote memorization, CursiveLogic relies on the inherent structure of the cursive alphabet.

Some of their methods are;

Letters grouped by shape

CursiveLogic teaches the student that four basic shapes make up the entire alphabet. Similar letters are all taught together in the same lesson to simplify the learning process.

Letter strings

Rather than teaching individual letters they are taught in a connected string. This reinforces each letter and means that the student is writing cursive from the beginning.

Color coding

Each letter string has a theme color so that the student can 'visually' remember the shape. This really seemed to help Jam.

Catch phrases

CursiveLogic uses 'verbal task analysis' or saying an action verbally as it is performed manually, to aid the development of muscle memory.

I have often heard the more ways you can do something the more likely you will remember. In this case we have the color coding and catch phrases to add to the physical act of writing so they have added visual and sound to the learning process.

Real words

Using this program the student can write read words in cursive after just the first lesson. This is a huge motivator.

I think this is the key to using this program for older students. I know Jam doesn't want to practice writing letters all day, he needs to see how this can immediately affect his writing.

What Jam Thought

Jam said that he already knew cursive, however he feels that this program has helped him implement it easier. Although I knew the 'rules' of cursive I didn't think it was worth the extra effort. This program showed me how easy it can be to actually use cursive when writing. I worked through this program a couple of pages at a time. It was easy to fit into my schedule. If I was busy sometimes I would just work on one page. If not I could easily do more. I read the instruction myself, it's easy to understand and implement. I started using pencil, but decided that my writing looks better using pen so that's what I used for most of the lessons.

What I Thought

Hopefully Jam will continue to use this method and it will become a habit. When he uses this method his handwriting is so much better. I wish I had found this sooner. I would love another notebook to refine Boo's writing. I will have to continue to find reasons for Jam to hand write things everyday instead of typing. I feel both are so important, Cursive is something that I feel every child/adult needs to know, even if they choose not to use it.

Although you would have to buy the workbook to learn all the steps I was given some practice pages that I can share with you. Jam is definitely going to be doing some of these in the next few weeks just to practice his cursive. I love the choices too, such inspirational pieces to read while practicing your cursive. Download copy work for Writing the Psalms, The Gettysburg Address, and The Declaration of Independence here just enter your email address.

Linda Shrewsbury , creator and president of CursiveLogic recently presented a seminar at the National archives in Washington DC Read more here.

100 members of the crew tried this cursive program with students of all different ages. Click on the link below to see what others thought.

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CursiveLogic Review

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