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Heirloom Audio Collections - With Lee In Virginia {TOS REVIEW}

With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
We love audio books. My husband says it's impossible to drive long distances without one. Needless to say we go through quite a few. G.A. Henty has become our true favorite. Enough action to keep hubby and I awake, and safe enough not to worry about the kids hearing something inappropriate. I was SO excited to hear that we were going to have the opportunity to review another awesome product from Heirloom Audio Productions I have reviewed a couple of other titles from them and so when then offered a copy of With Lee In Virginia I was super excited.

I am not an American history buff. Jam know a lot more about it than I do, my knowledge is based upon my reading and movies catalog as an adult. My husband and I were born and raised in England so I am sure you understand why my knowledge is a little lacking.

I was hoping this CD would arrive before we left on our summer holiday. As we were driving 18 hours each way I was definitely on the look out for as much audio as I could find. However, I am sad to say it didn't arrive in time. Although because of our chosen sport and many piano trips finding time to listen in the car was not difficult.

I started to listen to this CD with the kids as we were driving to our piano lessons and Grandma and Grandpa visits that happen every other week. We drive to our old hometown which takes us 2 hours round trip. The kids were enthralled straight away and the actors or story didn't disappoint! However after getting some work done on the car I realized I was going to have to go back the next day. The kids ended up sleeping at Grandma and Grandpas since I would be returning the next day and tried to make me promise not to finish the story without them. Luckily I didn't pinky promise as it was too hard. Driving the hour back thinking about the story was too much to take and I listened to it all the way home and finished it on the return journey. The kids were disappointed but not for long as I still let them listen to it later that day on our return journey.

This story is amazing, it is about the American Civil War told through the eyes of young Vincent. Vincent is a Southern landowner who is against slavery. He joins the war and fights for the Confederate States of America. He spends most of the war serving with the Army of North Virginia although the story takes him on many adventures and trials. He looses friends, helps slaves escape into Canada, and is even taken prisoner and has to escape himself.

As with most dramatized books or movies the story differs slightly from the original text. Jam can tell you all the details as he read the original after we listened to this interpretation as Henty is one of his favorite authors and this was one of the many he hadn't read yet. We also received a study guide with the CD. We haven't used it yet, as I always like to wait until we are familiar with the story. We have listened to it a couple of times together and so the study guide is definitely on our list this fall!

The audio is extremely well done. The story is catching and exciting and their are some really great actors in this production.

Sean Anstin - General Jeb Stuart
Kirk Cameron - General Stonewall Jackson
Brian Blessed - G.A Henty
Chris Antony - Mary Lee
Kelsey Lansdowne - Lucy Kingston
Jim Weiss - General Johnston
Justin Shenkarow - Vincent
Jojo Nwoko - Dan

Of course with all of the productions from Heirloom Audios there is a underlying theme that they really want the listeners to get. I always come away with at least one quote added to my arsenal. 'Duty' is definitely the key word in this production and of course the quote I have come away with refers to that.

We all loved this story and can't wait for more in the Heirloom Audio Collection I wonder what they will do next! like the company on social media to be among the first to find out.

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With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
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