Friday, July 17, 2015

Random Five July 17

1. Boo's been gone at girls camp this week. Typically it was the hottest week of the year.

2. She happily went to bed at 8pm...

3. I missed her like crazy. She was stuck to me like glue after I picked her up. So I guess she missed me too :)

4. Boo and Captain have championships for our summer league tomorrow.  Jam can't swim because of all his summer travels to Disney, high adventure camp, and Youth Conference to Nauvoo he only made one swim meet. You have to swim 2 to qualify - luckily Boo and Captain just made it. It's been a busy summer.

5. Jam and Captain modeled in a little 'back to school' fashion show for our local Goodys store. Funny how four of the kids were homeschoolers :) let me see what's on my back to school clothes shopping list...

I will let you know how the kids do tomorrow!

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