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SimplyFun - Shape Whiz {TOS REVIEW}

Simply Fun Review

We love games and educational ones are my favorite. I was given the opportunity to review a fun math game from SimplyFun. The kids were a little dubious when I told them it was Shape Whiz a game about geometry. However within about 5 minutes even my 6 year old was begging to play.

Simply Fun Review

My kids are quite competitive especially with each other when we are playing games. This game calls for quick minds and fingers as you race each other to grab the shape card that fits the geometry clue. Then everyone has to agree (luckily the rules makes this quite easy). The older kids loved that they could steal each others cards. Captain even joined in and could work out some of the easiest clues.

The game comes in sturdy box and contains 80 shape cards (45 Simple Shapes and 35 Complex Shapes), 40 whiz cars and the rules. There is no board to play on so it feels like you are playing a regular card game. The suggested age for this game is 10+. However, even though Captain read this on the box it didn't stop him having a go playing the game. I tried to convince him to play on my team. He insisted of course of playing by himself. I was a little worried but he did a great job. He even won a couple of the easy rounds.

It was really easy to learn how to play, there are really just three steps.

First of all decide if you want to play the basic or advanced game. With the basic game you leave out the 36 complex shape cards. We did this is Captain wanted to play most of the time and he's just 6.
  1.  Shuffle all of the whiz cards you are using.
  2.  If you are using all of the cards then deal each player 15 cards. If you are playing the simpler version then each play just gets 8. 
  3. Each player flips over  cards from their pile and lays them face up in front of them. 
Now you are ready to play! The player that loves math the most goes first (yes that's the rules!) Since the whiz cards are all placed in the middle - they flip over the top card. All players have to read the card quickly and then search all the face up shape cards for a shape that matches the question. When Captain played with us I read the question to everyone and we tried to make it fair. It is easier when everyone is roughly at the same ability though.

One of the things about this game that I loved is that it really teaches signs and symbols. They are used constantly in the questions and so as time goes one you have to remember what each symbol means. Then of course the properties of shapes. Before the kids know it they have the meanings of <, >, =, #, and Line of Symmetry, Polygon, Angles memorized. The harder cards include; area of a rectangle, square, and triangles and much more.

My kids have talked about this game with their friends, made Grandma play. It's been a huge hit we love it.

Others on the crew got to review a game more suitable for younger children called Expanders it looks fun too. Click on the link below to check out the reviews!


Simply Fun Review

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