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UnLock Math {TOS REVIEW}

Unlock Math Review

I have reached another milestone. My older kids have both started to do math that is on the verge of making me feel uncomfortable. There we go I said it - math is NOT my favorite subject. When I say things like this my husband looks at me in unbelief. That's why we are a perfect pair. I love to read and helped him rediscover a love of reading after we got married, and he helps me with math. So when I was offered to review a new program for Boo to use this year I was excited! Boo has been using UnLock Math Pre- Algebra produced by UnLock Math.

We have used a few online math programs before and I love them. Boo however was sold on this program from the first minute. Other programs we have used you hear a voice somewhere off camera but with this program the teacher is right there on the screen. Alesia Blackwood is that teacher and she does an awesome job. After many years of teaching high school math she doesn't believe that there are 'math people' but that we have just lost the love of math that we had as children, when math was interesting and new and not 'scary'. I don't think I ever got out of the 'math is a foreign language - that I can't speak stage'. However I want more for my kids, I don't want them to be scared of math.

I signed Boo up for the program and sat next to her the first time she used it. It truly is easy to use, I didn't have to help her find her way round the program at all.

After you sign up for the course, you go to the main website page. In the right hand side top corner you see login section. If the student is working they just click on the student login, if as a parent you want to check progress, you sign in under the parent login.

After logging in the child comes to their welcome page.

Boo loves that the first thing she see's is her overall percent.

From the first day Boo has loved this program.

After logging in, the list of units are on the right hand side of the screen. The student clicks on the unit they are working on. Boo decided just to follow the course order even though it looks like you could jump around. She didn't feel that would make sense to her, and would recommend just working through the program. When you have clicked on the unit link it will show very visibly what you have completed. You can see a screen shot of on of Boo's previous units.

For example looking at the screenshot above Boo completed section 2.1 and 2.2 and then moved to the quiz on the right related to the lessons, before moving to 2.3 and 2.4. Boo thought the program was very easy to follow.

We did encounter a small problem with the program not recording her answers when she submitted them. One of her favorite 'help' features is a little chat button. This little beauty is down on the right hand side.

Boo has used a couple of times. Once when we were having technical difficulties and another time when I was out and was struggling with a math question. Every time we used it we received excellent customer support. Our technical issue was just a simple case of having to clear the 'cache' on Boo's laptop.

When I asked Boo what she loved about this program she mentioned that at the end of each sub-lesson in each main section you come to the page below. There is a 'warm-up' section that is missing from the picture, this helps you start thinking about math and gets her in the 'zone' for the rest of the lesson. After the warm-up Boo watches the lesson and then completes the practice problems. The 'Stay Sharp' section helps you review things you have previously learned. Then comes the 'Challenge' section, this section doesn't impact your grade negatively if you get it wrong, but is a bonus if you manage to solve it. This is actually Boo's favorite. She loves the challenge without the pressure of losing points. The 'Reference Notes' section gives you more examples of questions from the lesson that can be printed to refer to at a later time.

We definitely continue using this program for pre-algebra. Boo really enjoys it.

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UnLock Math Review

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