Saturday, August 8, 2015

All Seasons Fingerprint Art

When Captain heard the big kids were going away without him he was a little upset. The first thing he checked when he regained his composure was 'do I have to do school work' this is a loaded question because what is 'school work'. So I answered 'of course not!

I saw a cute craft making the rounds on Facebook. It was originally over at Rhythms of Play blog. I thought it was a perfect thing to do with him one on one. It also wasn't something I wanted three of which is often the case when we do a craft/project with everyone.

We made a few adaptations with colors the colors as I just went to my local Walmart and picked some up for 50 cents each. I already had the larger canvases that I had bought in a 10 pack from Hobby Lobby. In fact the canvases had been sat in a box for two years and so I really needed to do something with them.

Captain thought is was great fun to choose all the colors. If I did it again I would probably choose a lighter blue for the summer picture. However on the wall it looks really nice. Hubby hung it up this morning in our hallway and Captain thought that was the best thing! One of his pictures on the wall. I am sure he will show it off to everyone that comes over.

We used Captains hand and arm for the tree (I drew around it) then we decorated it with his fingerprints. He wanted to add the snowman :)

It was really easy to make the snowman's hat. However the buttons and eyes were done by using the wrong end of a paintbrush. If we'd have done fingerprints the would have been too big for the body and face. Captain did the hat by himself and I added the scarf and nose with a little paintbrush.

It was such a fun activity and so easy to do. We are going to hang it up somewhere so he can see it every day. It was a fun way to review the seasons. It's funny what six years old's want to talk about while they are painting.

This project didn't take very long at all. The hardest part for Captain was waiting for each layer to dry. However we did get all the painting done in one day. The second day I varnished the pictures. I was going to use modgepodge but I thought I had some at home when I was buying all the paint. As it happened I couldn't find it. However I found a little bottle of indoor/outdoor varnish that worked perfectly. I applied it with a foam brush after the paint had dried for 24 hours.

Definitely a craft that I will treasure forever. I have decided that I like crafts like these, they take a little more preparation, but the end result is something that the child can be proud of.

Definitely a keeper!

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  1. I LOVE this idea! I need to do this with my girls.


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