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Funtastic Unit Studies - Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers - {TOS REVIEW}

Funtastic Unit Studies Review

I love science, and my kids love it too. It's fun to learn about something new and then do a hands on experiment or project to reinforce the ideas discussed. So when I was offered a fun new book by Funtastic Unit Studies called Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers.

Sometimes it's difficult to always come up with new and fun ways to teach a concept. This book has been really fun to incorporate into our school day.

I have been talking to Captain about cleaning his teeth. It has been a little bit of an issue making him take responsibility for it. I figure at nearly 7 he should be able to remember to clean his teeth in the morning without me reminding him. I mean the rest of us can so why not. So after looking through this book I found the section on health and I decided to start with this unit. There was a part on teeth so I thought it would be a great opportunity to link the situations. Captain loved learning about health and especially about teeth. The recommended activity was to build model of their own teeth with Playdoh. Captain thought this was the best idea. I was a little frustrated because the 10 tubs of brand-new Play-doh I had bought just two seconds ago (or that's what it seems is all squished together. Oh how I dream of the days when Boo played with Play-doh and kept all the colors neat and separate. Anyway, we found a color suitable for the gums and tongue (yes Captain insisted of making a tongue). However, no white Play-doh was to be found. Unfortunately with my six year old it wasn't possible to delay the activity so we improvised with marshmallows. It turned out really well - until he thought he could eat them. Apparently Play-doh flavored marshmallows is gross!
I love that most of the activities in this book contain things that you could have at home. Plus if I didn't most of the time my local big store did. So it's really easy to piece things together.

Captain also liked our discussion on vitamin D and how the best way to get it is by being in the sun. I explained that when I used to live in England sometimes we would go days without real sunshine. It could be cloudy for days at a time. Where we live now it's very rare (except this summer) to get a lot of grey skies. He loved the activity from the book for this topic - go outside and play in the sun! He thought it was an excellent idea to play in the pool for schoolwork.

We also talked about convex lens. Captain loves looking at things through a magnifying glass. We actually used this activity to talk about why big brother needed contact lenses this summer, and how they help improve vision. It is amazing how many topic are covered in this book.

We have covered random topics and used the ideas to help teach the concepts and make them stick. Whether it be the importance of cleaning your teeth or the fact that big brother now wheres contact lenses. There are even tests included in the book if you want to cover the material in more depth. It's suitable for ages 4-13 but is broken up into two sections. The first 10 chapters covering material more suited for 4-7 year old's and the last four for children 8-13. I actually mixed up the material and adapted it to fit Captain's needs. He does work above the grade level for his age so he handled the harder material really well.

You can check out the book in more detail by trying out the plant unit study.

If you want to see how others used this book, click on the link below.

Funtastic Unit Studies Review

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  1. This is a fun book with lots and lots of activities to choose from. My youngest enjoyed the activities immensely. What fun to see the play-dough teeth and hear about your experiences. - Lori

  2. Looks like they're having fun :) That's funny about eating the marshmallows.


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