Monday, August 31, 2015

Have you tried Jamberry Nails Yet? Review and Giveaway

I have never been able to grow my nails. I have tried everything including the yucky paint on nail stuff I threatened my kids with. However, despite this I have an obsession with nice nails. Boo on the other hand has beautiful nails. Yet, because she spends so much time in the pool she struggles to keep her nail polish on. Then I heard about Ellen Pool and Jamberry Nails. So I signed up and had a Facebook party and it was really fun, and I earned quite a few free and reduced price products.

They are surprisingly easy to apply and they have some amazing designs. Ellen sent me a design I hadn't tried before to try so I decided to let Boo try they out as she loved the design we were sent.

In fact I was sent a nice little parcel from Ellen Pool and I got excited all over again.

I could walk you through how I applied the wraps to Boo's nails, but it wasn't that glamorous as we were sprawled over the living room floor watching a movie.

Ellen sent me an application video and it definitely explains it better than I could.

I have some wraps on my nails and they grow really well when I have my Jamberrys on. Unfortunately I have neglected them a bit this summer and they are not looking their best, so please don't judge mine. I decided to try and grow them again. It always works better when I were them. Definitely something to try if your nails look like mine.

I actually filed Boo's nails down a lot before applying her Jamberry wraps as we wanted them to be all the same length.

I'm not one for going for manicures. Probably because my nails normally look so bad. However I love having pretty nails. I mentioned before about Boo and her nail polish. Because she swims on average five times a week, her nail polish never lasts. She was so excited the first time she tried Jams and they lasted for just under two weeks before she lost one.

However, you may not want them on that long or when they start looking messy you may need to remove them. Ellen stressed to me the importance of removing the wraps properly especially me as my nails are weak anyway. You can heat up some coconut oil and then soak your fingers in it for a minute or two to help release the wraps. Another option is to watch the next video and follow the instructions.

I have been able to get 2 manicures and 2 pedicures out of each sheet, which is excellent value. Each sheet is $15 dollars. However Ellen is always running a special Buy 3 Get 1 free (Licensed collegiate and sorority wraps are not included in the sale) You can buy the application kit, mini heater, and the buy 3 get 1 free deals for $84.

Boo likes to be inventive with her nail varnish when she uses it, and so she loves the designs that you can find in the wraps. Although Boo is only 12 she wears the full-size wraps but their are some really cute kid size wraps for your little girls.

So after all this information you are just dying to try them out for yourself right! So thanks to Ellen I can offer 2 readers the opportunity to try them out. Two of you can win one sheet of wraps to try. Just enter on the link below.

If you have tried Jamberrys before then you need to know that there is a new catalog for September that you really need to check out Ellen's Website if you find a favorite let me know below.

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  1. I've been wanting to try these. Are they really easy to use?

    1. I find them quite easy. I have the little heater. I used to use a hairdryer. The heater is definitely easier!

  2. I have tried them! I love that they have so many options to choose from :D thank you ( and Ellen) for the chance!

  3. I've never used them. They look like a fun mother-daughter activity!


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