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Progeny Press Literature Study Guide - Sam The Minuteman {TOS Review}

Progeny Press Review
Captain is still very new to reading and so literature guides are still very new to him. We were accepted on a review from Progeny Press with his very first literature study guide for the book Sam The Minuteman I wasn't sure if the book would be too hard for him to read by himself but it turned out to be a perfect fit. It's a fictional story with a fictional main character however set in a historical period all American have heard off. The first 'shot' of the war of Independence. The book we bought (not part of the review) was the level 3 'An I can Read Book' for grades 2-4. To complete the study guide I bought the book, we also needed a dictionary, and our bible. We used the King James Version. I don't want to tell you too much about the story as it's a really good.

Progeny Press has a ton of study guides geared to all ages lower and higher elementary, middle school, and high school. Really if you are reading a book and you want to dig deeper check out the list on their website.

I had never used a study guide with Captain before I was unsure how he would take too it. We started out by reading the book through together. I read the book first and Captain loved the story. He had previously read a book about Paul Revere and because he is mentioned he instantly recognized the story. As we read Captain is used to asking about vocabulary that he is unsure of which made it easier by the time we came to work on the study guide. Jam had used a Progeny Press study guide before for Hunger Games and really liked it so I knew that it would be a good fit for us.

I printed out the whole study guide at once. It was a lot shorter than the high school study guide that Jam had done and it fit in a little folder easily.

The beginning of the study guide sets the stage for the book. We learn about the time period and so we had some great discussions about the Revolutionary War and what was happening in the world at that time. We have studied this time period already this year and so we didn't need to spend too much time on this.

The workbook section consists of :

Vocabulary Practice - The guide covers about 10 - 20 new words found in the book. Some of these were knew to Captain and some not. However we used this time to practice using a dictionary. Plus it was good practice to find information, condense it and write it down,

Mystery Word - In this section Captain had to answer a question and write the correct word on dotted lines. One of the lines had a number which was then used to find a mystery word. If all the answers were correct then you correctly guessed the 'mystery word'

Cause and Effect - This section helped Captain learn and discuss the results of our actions. I loved this section and we implemented into our lives.

Word Pictures - We discussed how words are used when writing to give us pictures in our minds that help enjoy the story. This section was followed by 'How the Author Creates Mood'.

Captain loves crosswords and was quite in his element every time one came up.

There are so many more sections like this that really helped us dig into the story and understand what was happening in the story.

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Progeny Press Review
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