Wednesday, February 24, 2016 Pro Plan {Schoolhouse Teachers Review}

I have been using the Pro Plan subscription from to help my older two children with their middle school and high school subjects for the last couple of months.

HelpTeaching Review

This is a really helpful website (no pun intended). There are so many worksheets, tests, links to videos etc it's quite amazing. In fact I feel like I have only just started to scratch the surface. For the review period I have been focusing on grades 8-12 although if you take a look you will find that there is material on there for all grades K-12.

Boo has been working on things to help her with her literature and English studies. She recently finished the book 'Animal Farm' and I was able to find a test on the website that she could do. It asked her questions about the text and made her think into the meaning behind the story.

The grammar exercises are really useful too. If you have the Pro Plan the grammar section has unlocked worksheets that are divided by grade from K-12. I assigned Boo some of the grade revision tests to check for holes in her grammar knowledge. I love how easy it is to send my kids something using the data base.

Here's an example of the grammar test and then I will explain how easy it is to send it.

So you can see above the top of the grammar review test for grade 8. The print button is self explanatory - it prints a paper copy of the test. The second button gives you the answer key which is handy if you have printed off the test. You can also print off a PDF copy, or take the test straight away. I found it really useful to click on the schedule button. When you click on this it gives you the option to choose which child to assign it to and how you do that. For example I have Boo and Jam sent up with their email, so if I click this option it emails them with a link. You can send it with an open ended time limit or set a deadline, it's completely flexible.

Another section I have spent quite a bit of time looking at is Geography. There are interactive, labeling, and test features available. So many Geography topics are covered it's hard to tell you about all of them. There are also a lot of printable tests. This is very handy if you are putting together your own curriculum and studying different areas. There are tests related to 'Countries of Europe', 'European Capital Cities', 'Geography terms', and 'Latitude and Longitude'. We reviewed the 'What Continent Am I' 7th grade worksheet.

This website has a wealth of information. I am pleased that I received a year of the Pro Plan which is really a steal at $24.95 for the year. It includes UNLIMITED use of their test-maker. Each test can have up to 100 questions and SO many more benefits.

As you can tell I have really enjoyed this website. It's definitely one that we are going to get a lot of use out of this year. I could go on and on telling you about each section.

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HelpTeaching Review

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