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Heirloom Audio Productions - The Dragon and the Raven {TOS Review}

The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}

We have had the opportunity to add The Dragon and The Raven to our Heirloom Audio Productions library. We seriously love these audio dramas and this one was no exception everyone was very excited to have the opportunity to review it! It arrived right before a long car journey and this time my husband was with us! Normally he doesn't get to join in until the second time round.

I am sure I have told you all about Heirloom Audio Productions before but I will recap about them anyway. Heirloom Audio Productions specialize in audio dramas. If you are old enough (as my Mom says) you probably can remember listening to some on the radio in the evening. My Mom has fond memories of sitting around the radio in England listening to 'Mother's hour' and other audio productions that were played in the early afternoon or evening on BBC radio. We find audio dramas to be so much more engaging than movies when we are driving. Everyone including the driver can appreciate the story and time passes so quickly it's amazing. In fact last time we went on a long road trip no one watched a movie all the way home. Yes that's right 3 kids and 17 hours in the car and no movie. Why and how you may ask - AUDIO DRAMAS! An audio drama is a lot more engaging than a plain audio book, and although we love them too they are still not in the same class as a good drama. As Captain so eloquently put it "Mom, it's like I'm watching a movie in my head!".

To learn a little more about why this company feels so strongly about what they do I thought their video actually explained it best with their video 'The Power of a Story'.

Heirloom Audio Productions have gone one step further with their audio dramas. Not only have they produced amazing dramas but they have used the Henty stories to teach history in such a way that the kids (and adults) listening forget or don't even realize they are having a history lesson at the same time. This company believe in getting so in tune with the stories that they travel to the places that their stories take place. Having lived in England I to feel this connection as I listen to their stories.

As always they have great actors involved in these productions many of whom you will recognize from other projects.

This is one of my favorite Henty stories. In fact it has stayed in my car since the first time we listened to it because the kids keep on listening to it. Honestly, it never gets old to them. If you like action, adventure, and of course a little romance then you will love these audio dramas. Even though the stories are full of action I feel they are suitable for all ages because I firmly believe that a child only imagines what their imagination lets them see. So for example if someone has his arm hit with a sword, a child is not going to see it in his mind the same way he would see it if he's watching a movie. As that is someone else forcing what they created into the mind of the child. I hope that makes sense. These dramas are definitely full of action but suitable for the whole family.

I know I didn't tell you a lot about the story. Honestly I don't want to spoil it. I will tell you this however; The story starts with the Danes attacking England. They are destroying everything in their way, their goal is to conquer the whole country. Edmund and the Young King Alfred of Essex (My children immediately remembered the story of King Alfred and the Cakes) need to turn the country back to God - can they succeed in doing so and save their beloved England. You will have to listen to find out. This is a great story of courage and faith - truly inspiring! Check out their Heirloom Audio Productions Facebook Link to see what the next title is going to be! I am SO excited it the very first Henty book we ever read!

Twitter: @HeirloomStories

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The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}

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