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Talking Fingers Inc. Read, Write & Type {TOS REVIEW}

Learning to type has been something I want my kids to master. I have been able to touch type - albeit not at lightening speeds for quite a few years. It's something even my husband practices. It this day and age of computer everything typing is in our eyes a necessity. Saying that I don't want my kids to spend a lot of time on the adult focused programs where you type nonsense into the computer forever. Here enters Captain's latest review Read, Write & Type from Talking Fingers Inc.

Talking Fingers Inc. Review

Captain has been working on this unique program daily since we received it. It is based online with no downloads needed, just log in and go. I was able to set it up on his computer easily with a link on his desktop. I told the site to remember his password and that was it, easy peasy.

Talking Fingers Inc. Review

Read, Write & Type for ages 6-9 or grades K-2 and is a super awesome program that combines reading, phonics, spelling, keyboarding and word processing skills. The program allows the child to learn multiple things at once, letter sounds, the letter itself, and a keystroke on the keyboard. So instead of typing nonsense like other typing programs I have used in the past, you know the kind where you type sentence after sentence that actually doesn't say anything that makes sense. The child spends the time learning how to type and read at the same time!

Captain can already read, but he never moaned about this program once. He played it every day for about 15 minutes or so which is the recommended amount of time. The program consists of 40 lessons which really do help a child to type. I can't say too much about the reading instruction as Captain could already read. However, I have noticed a huge improvement in his typing skills. He can remember his finger placing and he loves to show his older brother and sister where there fingers should be when they type too.

There is a word processor section that stimulates an email program. Captain showed me how he can write an email. It is a secure program and is a great way for kids to practice typing in a secure environment. He has received emails from various children and has sent a good number of his own. The only thing the child receiving the email can see is the user name and area. You can't reply directly to an email so there is no worry about emails getting into the wrong hands.

Talking Fingers Inc. Review

Our overall view of this program is positive, although Captain has not needed the program to help with his reading and letter identification it would have been a program that I would have been interested in a few years ago. I do however love how his typing has improved. He places his hands correctly on his keyboard and I have seen how this has continued with his other computer lessons. He even noticed that I place my fingers on the keyboard in the way this program teaches, he said "Mom if I keep practicing can I learn to type as fast as you!"

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Talking Fingers Inc. Review

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