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Science Shepherd - Introductory Science {TOS REVIEW}

Science Shepherd Review
I have been using Introductory Science from Science Shepherd with Captain for a few weeks now. To say he loves it is an understatement. I have not reminded him about doing this subject since the day we first logged on. He had a already watch over a weeks worth of videos before the student book arrived, and then he went back and watched them again so he could complete the workbook.

Science Shepherd Review

We received a 12 month access to daily 2-5 minute videos and a copy of the level A workbook. The program is a full science course for children aged 6-11 and covers topics from the creation, science skills and tools, earth science; including meteorology, geology, oceanography, astronomy. Life Science; including underwater creatures, flying creatures, land creatures, human beings, be healthy. Physical Science; matter, energy, motion, and magnets,

Captain has really jumped head first into this course. According to the pacing guide we should be about week 4 or 5 he's on week 9. He's completed every experiment, sometimes dragging me into the kitchen kicking and screaming - OK maybe slightly exaggerated but really he made sure we got them done. He didn't allow me to brush him off till tomorrow, or next week.

The lesson material is all included in the videos. They are easy to follow, however you do have to make sure that you scroll all the way across as once we nearly missed two videos in one particular week. Captain answered all the questions correctly in the book but as I was reviewing the material, I was confused and wondered why they would ask questions in the book that wasn't covered in the video material...after looking closer I noticed a little scroll button I hadn't seen before and *boom* there they were.

When you first log in you see the following screen -

You can then click on the link you need. Since we are working on week 9 I thought I would show you what that looks like;

The first video loads and the child can just click play on the video.

This is underneath the larger screen above. You can see from my hand drawn arrow the scroll bar I nearly missed earlier.

This program is perfect for Captain. he's a very visual learner and really remembers things this way. He is definitely going to continue this course. In fact at the rate he's going we will be finished my the end of the summer.

Captain had a blast with some of the science projects. he even dressed up in a cute white coat so he could be a scientist! Here is two of our favorite experiments so far.

Week 6 Day 1 experiment from Introductory Science - Science Shepherd

Week 8 Day 1 experiment from Introductory Science - Science Shepherd

I can't recommend this science series enough. Captain has learned and remembered a lot so far and what's more is that he has enjoyed every minute of it. He may have been able to cope with the level b student book, but I am very happy I chose level a. He can read and complete every exercise by himself which gives him a huge sense of accomplishment. There is also a teacher guide which gives me all the answers and although I've looked at it, at this level it's not anything I have needed to grade his work. I asked Captain how many stars out of five would he give this and he said 5 STARS!!!!

I could go on and on about this program, but I really wouldn't be able to tell you more than what I have already said. This program is great for visual, hands on, independent style learners like Captain. It is creation based and we like that! All in all a great program. I would love to have tried the older science that was offered but I will have to just read the reviews like you - see the link below.

The crew have also been working on the higher level science programs offered Science Shepherd Biology and Science Shepherd - Life Science.

Check out the link below to read some of the reviews. As far as I've heard everyone loves this program!

Check out the company on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

Science Shepherd Review

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