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Heirloom Audio Productions - Beric the Briton {TOS REVIEW}

Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions  Review

We love listening to stories while we drive. Heirloom Audio Productions is always one of our first choices. It is like watching a movie without the picture. We always get right into the story and boom two hours is gone just like that. The most recent one that we have listen to is Beric The Briton.

My kids have never listened to a Heirloom Audio Production we haven't loved we have listened to all the G.A. Henty ones they have produced. You can see all the titles below and if you are taking any kind of road trip this summer these are definitely worth getting!

Again we were not disappointed with the cast. One of my kids favorite things to do while we listen is to is to try and guess who plays which character. Of course Brian Blessed plays the amazing G.A. Henty. In fact his voice is so familiar to my kids they would be disappointed if there was a recording of the real G.A. Henty and it didn't sound like Brian Blessed. We can see him in another role and the kids shout out straight away "That's G.A. Henty!"

We had already studied this time period before. So the characters in the story were very familiar with us. Along with the audio CDs we were also sent a study guide and a lot of extra bonus material. Although we listened to the CD while driving we followed a lot of the advice in the study guide as I read it before we started listening to the CD. At the beginning of the study guide there is a section on each of the historical figures. If you haven't studied them before it does an excellent job of giving a good oversight of each.  My children also enjoyed hearing the old names for cities they recognize from our last trip to England. we spent quite a bit of time looking at a map of Great Britain.

The questions/sections covered in the study guide follow a three part guide line.

The Listening Well

Is just that - it helps you figure out how well the child was listening. The answers to these questions come right from the audio, so listen well and you will know the answers.

The Thinking Further

These questions move the child out of the audio. We were able to discuss things that we had learned before. We discussed some of the facts that my children had studied before. They discussed things that happened in the story as we were listening with extra details they knew that weren't included. My oldest knows quite a lot about Queen Boudica and so we had some great discussions.

The Defining Words

This section helps increase vocabulary and understanding. My older children have read a lot of G.A. Henty especially Jam. So they are familiar with the type of vocabulary. Even Captain has listened to all the other productions and so is used to piping up and asking when he doesn't understand something that is said.

We listened to this on our 2 hour round trip to our piano lessons. It was funny because my husband wasn't with us as this was during a regular school day this summer. We are going on a road trip in a couple of weeks and so my husband was under the impression we were all going to listen to it together. My kids ensured him that they were more than willing to listen to it again!

We love these productions. They are historical, so of course violence and killing are part of the story. However, it is handled very well and there is always of course a moral to the story. In this case the story is set just after the time of Christ. In fact the the goal of these productions is to take us back in time and immerse us - the listeners in a great Christian story. This production does just that. My kids loved it. In fact Boo said numerous times that she is amazed at how Henty managed to write the original stories and then how they have been turned into such great audio dramas.

I'm not going to tell you anymore about the story. It's exciting...

Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions  Review

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