Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Canoes, Kickapoo River, and Irrational Fears...

I have an irrational fear of canoes. I don't know why but since our last adventure on the Kickapoo river it is a very well known fact that Mom doesn't like canoeing. Well to say I don't like it is a little harsh. I love being in the canoe, I don't even mind paddling. But if someone comes near my canoe resembling what my kids love to call 'canoe wars' I freak out! It's crazy, I know it's irrational - I can swim - well. I just don't know what comes over me. I get scared to death!

The Kickapoo wasn't very clear the day we canoed on it. They said due to recent rain and run off it was muddier that normal. My husband said that might have been part of my problem. He is under the illusion that if the water was crystal clear and I could see to the bottom I would be fine. So he's already planning our next family canoe trip... So watch this space, maybe I will be able to beat this or maybe I will just have to realize that the fear of tipping in a canoe (which Jam and I did once - I have the bruise on my knee to prove it!) is on a parallel with spiders for me.

The craziest part of this is that we were canoeing on an average of a foot of water. I know crazy right, It's not like I couldn't of stood up in the water, in fact that's excaltly what happened. Our canoe tipped - we hit something at a funny angle and the canoe flipped. My ego was the hardest hit...well beside my bruised knee. Luckily Boo, Captain and Hubby had tipped out first so at least we weren't the first to go under!

We used Drifty's Canoe Rental we agree to promote them and we paid for our canoes, but if you are ever in the area they are a great service to use. We got in the water right there in Ontario and had planned to canoe for about 6 hours plus stops. Because the water was a little cold and we didn't take a long time to swim and play we were going to arrive at our pick up place about an hour early. Hubby had phone signal and gave them a quick call explaining we would be early. They were awesome about picking us up and were there right on time. This pick up from the canoe stop was included in our very reasonable rental price.

Like I said, when I was in no fear of tipping, I really loved this experience.

Fun, day out with the family if you are ever in the Ontario WI area!

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