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Heirloom Audio Productions - The Cat of Bubastes {TOS REVIEW}

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes
One of my absolute favorite things we do is listen to audio books in the car. Since being on the review crew we have had the amazing opportunity to listen to some awesome dramatized audio productions by Heirloom Audio Productions. Everyone was seriously excited when we heard that we were going to be able to review their latest production The Cat of Bubastes.

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

The Cat of Bubastes has a huge significance to us as it was the very first G A Henty book we ever read. Well of course read is used very loosely as we actually didn't read it. We listened to the full audio book. Our love of G A Henty books was born.

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

Since we had all listened to the full audio book version the kids were excited to see what the amazing team at Heirloom Audio Productions had done with this two hour movie length dramatized version. We were not disappointed. We saved for one of our long piano days. The minute we put it in the CD player in the car, the kids were mesmerized. The story runs along well, it does skip some of the details from the full version, but thats no different than most books that are made into movies or audio dramas. We listened to the story for our hour journey, and the kids were really excited to get into the car for our journey home. We got home just before it ended, and the kids insisted that we stay in the car until it ended - which of course we did!

We received the audio CD in the mail and an email containing a lot of bonus materials including a MP3 version, e-book, original MP3 soundtrack, a couple of other things and of course a behind the scenes video. My favorite resource is of course the excellent study guide. I love the study guides that come with these productions.

Of course we get to see who is who...

There is a lot of information and suggestions. One of the main uses for us of the study guide is to encourage conversation. They suggest two different types of questions and conversations and a vocabulary section.

The study guide gives a background on G A Henty and relevant people related to the story. Moses is one of the people discussed it the guide, he also has a small part in the story. If we didn't know the story we would have worked through the study guide first. But we were very familiar with it so I actually used the study guide to review the story with Captain ( 7 year old) to see how much of the story he caught. We reviewed each section and the 'expand your learning' section which goes into more details about the traditions and living conditions of the people at that time. Captain thought it was really interesting that slaves during the time period of the Cat of Bubaste would have lived better than common peasants.

We have listened to all of the Heirloom Audio Productions and this one did not disapoint. In fact Captain has taken to storing all of our Heirloom Audio collection in his bedroom so he can listen to them all over again while playing lego.

If you want to know what Heirloom Audio Productions are working on next make sure to follow them on social media.

Instagram - @HeirloomAudioOfficial

Check out what others thought about this production by clicking on the link below.

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

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